Week 48 (2 Dec) - Eve, 18, Prestwick

Eve, 18, Prestwick


What is your best memory of growing up in South Ayrshire?

I loved going outside to play at the beach and in various parks in Prestwick as a child, because I always felt safe.

Tell us about your aspirations / goals?

To complete my Social Science course at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and eventually join the dog patrol in the police.

What are your biggest achievements?

Getting an unconditional offer for RGU.

What makes you proud to be a young person living in South Ayrshire?

We have such a great sense of community spirit.

If you were to pass on a message to other young people, what would your message be?

Appreciate your surroundings and make the most of the outdoors.

If you could have a dinner party with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ellen DeGeneres, because I think she is really inspirational and I love that she uses her own wealth to help others. I also think she would be a good laugh!


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