Week 3 (21 Jan) - Frankie, 19, Maybole

Frankie, 19, Maybole

What is your best memory of growing up in South Ayrshire?

Exploring Girvan beach for driftwood we would make models from


Tell us about your aspirations / goals?

Get my degree, be financially secure, get a career that helps people


What are your biggest achievements?

Getting a job after being on benefits, getting into university, coming out as trans/starting my transition, saving a stray cat's life and adopting him


What makes you proud to be a young person living in South Ayrshire?

The community that I'm a part of is very close knit and reliable


If you were to pass on a message to other young people, what would your message be?

Be unapologetically yourself. If doors close on you, you didn't need them open in the first place. Live for yourself first and others afterwards.

If you could have a dinner party with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Karamo Brown. He portrays himself to be a surrogate father role to the people around him and I feel like he'd have a lot of helpful and inspiring things to say


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