Week 25 (24 Jun) - Alex, 13, Troon

Alex, 13, Troon


What is your best memory of growing up in South Ayrshire?


When I was little I would go swimming in the magnum and straight after I would go for a meal at the ship inn.


Tell us about your aspirations / goals?


I would like to be an engineer.


What are your biggest achievements?


Making it to grade 4 on the piano.


What makes you proud to be a young person living in South Ayrshire?


Lots of opportunities for us young peeps


If you were to pass on a message to other young people, what would your message be?


Never feel self-conscious about yourself.


If you could have a dinner party with a celebrity, who would it be and why?


I would choose Homer Simpson because I would like to know how many pringle's he can eat in one minute


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