Week 21 (27 May) - Amy, 17, Troon

Amy, 17, Troon


What is your best memory of growing up in South Ayrshire?


My best memories are going to the beach with my friends.


Tell us about your aspirations / goals?


My goal is to become a Primary teacher to help young children to achieve their goals, I think it is a very rewarding job.


What are your biggest achievements?


Becoming a House Captain at school. Achieving 5 As at Higher


What makes you proud to be a young person living in South Ayrshire?


I am proud that people are always there for you and that young peoples' opinions are valued


If you were to pass on a message to other young people, what would your message be?


Don't be afraid to speak out. Work hard so you can achieve your goals and be proud of yourself later.


If you could have a dinner party with a celebrity, who would it be and why?


Jack Fowler because he funny and stunning.


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