Week 11 (18 Mar) - Carla, 21, Tarbolton

Carla, 21, Tarbolton


What is your best memory of growing up in South Ayrshire?


Participating in hobbies such as dancing at my local community centre, where I got the opportunity to meet new people and also take part in something that interested me at the same time.


Tell us about your aspirations / goals?


I strive to become a better person each day, through volunteering within my community and using my knowledge and ethics to make a difference.


What are your biggest achievements?


Receiving an unconditional offer to study music teaching at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and becoming treasurer of the South Ayrshire Youth Forum.


What makes you proud to be a young person living in South Ayrshire?


There are organisations accessible to young people that give them the chance to speak up for what they believe in and are passionate about, allowing their voice to be heard throughout South Ayrshire.


If you were to pass on a message to other young people, what would your message be?


Always follow your heart and keep those that support and care for you close, they will help you through the most challenging times.


If you could have a dinner party with a celebrity, who would it be and why?


Lady Gaga because of her talent and drive, she followed her dreams and stayed strong even after numerous knock-backs - she's an inspiration to many.


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