South Ayrshire's #YOYP2018 'Question Time': Answers Revealed

As part of the celebration of the Year of Young People 2018, local South Ayrshire young people had the opportunity to ask a question to local decision members about what matters most to them!

Here you can find the councillors' answers to the questions posed to them by young people.

Answers will become available soon!


  1. What can be done to reduce the litter within our area? - Lochside Youth Club member
  2. While some young people do litter; many are involved in community clean ups to make South Ayrshire a nicer place to live and visit. How can the council help to improve the image of young people within the public eye and the media? - Prestwick/Troon young people
  3. There is an issue of road side litter (people throwing rubbish out their car windows), what support is there to set up a road side litter campaign? - Freya, S1, Ballentrae Youth Club

Community Safety

  1. “I feel unsafe in my area, what can you do to help me feel safe?” - Flynn, Age 12, Lochside Youth Club
  2. What can be done about uneven pavements? - Elysha, S1, Ballentrae Youth Club


  1. What steps could you take to make bus travel more affordable (in particular rural areas) for young people in South Ayrshire? - Julie, from Employability and Skills


  1. Is it possible to lower school lunch prices as we think they are too expensive (snack prices are ok)? - Scott, age 11 (S1), from Muirhead Youth Club
  2. Is it possible to call a teacher by their first name? - S1 Girvan Youth Group

Health & Wellbeing

  1. What support can be provided to help to reduce the waiting lists for mental health support? - Young Person, Employability and Skills

Hobbies and Things to Do

  1. What can be done to increase social activities for 16 to 18 years? - Young Person, Employability and Skills
  2. “Can the councillors make assurances that they will continue to keep open a centre in Ayr North (the Domain) specifically for young people” - Megan, 16, Domain Youth Club
  3. Is there an opportunity for funding activities for all ages in Lochside to mix together? This would assist with addressing stereotypes of young people. - Lucy and Sophie, P7, Lochside Youth Group
  4. We feel South Ayrshire would benefit from more parks that have multi-use astro pitches eg. Football, basketball. Is this something you will try to improve? - Dalmiling Primary School

Care Experience

What are you personally doing in your role as to make South Ayrshire the best place for care experienced young people to grow up? - Champions Board


  1. "How are you tackling, or planning to tackle, the lack of resources for young trans people in South Ayrshire?" - South Ayrshire LGBT Youth Group