South Ayrshire's #YOYP2018 'Question Time'

Organised by the South Ayrshire Youth Forum (SAYF) and supported by the Council, the 'Question Time' event gave Councillors a chance to find out more about issues which affect young people living in South Ayrshire.

Over 30 young people attended the event from across South Ayrshire, representing a wide variety of schools and groups. 

Young people asking the questions ranged from age 9 to 20, with everyone taking part, relishing the opportunity to quiz Councillors who are at the centre of local politics!

The Councillors answering the questions were Douglas Campbell, Brian McGinley, William Grant and Hugh Hunter. The panel was made up of Ellie Crawford, MSYP for Carrick, Cumnock Doon Valley and Katie Mathieson, Vice Chair of SAYF.

The questions came thick and fast, with the main themes of mental health, transport and littering cropping up throughout the evening.

The event stimulated lively debate with enthusiastic young people making it clear what matters most to them and what they would like to see done to make life in South Ayrshire even better.

Some of the comments from the Q&A session included:

I now know a lot more about projects taking place to help young people.
It was good to exchange ideas and talk to people who can make a difference.
More needs to be done to tackle the issues faced by young people who have experience of care in South Ayrshire.

Councillor William Grant, Youth Champion for South Ayrshire Council said:

We are determined that young people find their voice and tell us about issues that affect them. It can be difficult to capture their views so this event was a great way to engage with young people, let them raise any concerns and tell them about the ways we are supporting them. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of questions and I would like to thank everyone that took part. Hopefully there can be more of these events in the future as we strive to ensure South Ayrshire is one of the best places to grow up.

Jessica Hartshorn, Chair of the SAYF said:

The Question Time event was an amazing opportunity for both young people and elected members. This event has helped develop relationships between young people and panel members (SAYF and elected members alike). More events like this would be beneficial for every organisation involved.

Young people also voted on the issues that mattered most to them; with an overwhelming 86% prioritising mental health.

To see what questions were asked, and what the councillors' answers were, check out our information page.