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South Ayrshire Carers Centre

South Ayrshire Carers Centre are a registered charity and help support young carers through group work, 1:1 support, outreach drop-ins, information & support, advocacy and social opportunities to get away from their caring role.

There are fortnightly group sessions by each year group; Primary groups, S1-S3, S4-S6.

The centre also offers a young adults group for ages 18 to 25 years.

“I love the Young Carers Centre. I get to have fun and not worry about my caring role” South Ayrshire young person aged 10

“I was allowed to be ME, It’s like our own little family” South Ayrshire young person aged 16.

“The young adults group allows me to know I am not alone” South Ayrshire young person aged 20.

If you think you may be a Young Carer or know someone who is, please call South Ayrshire Carers Centre on 01292 263000 and speak to Young Carers staff.

Anything you do disclose is confidential.

Alternatively if you are a professional supporting a young person, please call us on 01292 263000 and ask for a referral form to complete.

Carers trust

Carers Trust Scotland is connected to a unique network of local carers’ centres and young carers’ services across Scotland.

Some of the ways these centres provide support is by:

Giving information and advice

Providing access to often desperately-needed breaks

Offering advice on  education, training and employment

Helping carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing and offering support so they do not feel isolated

Running support schemes for young carers. There are separate young carers’ services in some areas – their contact details can be provided by the centre.

You can also contact the local MSYP for carer’s trust who can offer support and advice. You can do this by looking at the MSYP website for details here:


Tel:  0300 123 2008


Website | Twitter | Facebook

South Ayrshire council

South Ayrshire council has a range of information and advice for local young carers. The website link below has information and guidance on the Young Carer Statement which is designed to help you think about your caring role and what support you might need to make your life easier. The link also has information available about breaks available from caring.

South Ayrshire Council offer Young carers in South Ayrshire the opportunity to receive free access to Sport and Leisure memberships through South Ayrshire Council's Activ8 scheme.

South Ayrshire – Community Learning and Development

The main activities of the Community Learning and Development Service:

  • Community Based Adult Learning – Supporting opportunities for learning and personal development skills including computing, early years parenting, employability and healthy lifestyles, building confidence and resilience. Includes accredited learning.
  • Adult learning
    • Adult Literacies – improving skills in reading, writing and counting, through one-to-one help or learning in small groups.
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages – improving language skills to gain confidence to make new friends, get jobs and accommodation and generally settle in.
  • Youth Work – In schools and community based activity. Young people build relationships, learn new skills, gain confidence and achieve awards by getting involved in positive activity and having a voice through youth forums, clubs, groups and projects.
  • Work with Primary Schools to deliver confidence and resilience programmes and nurture programmes such as Roots of Empathy.
  • Capacity building
    • Support to community groups – increasing skills, confidence, networks and resources to meet the needs of local communities.
    • Community centres – support to volunteer committees who manage these facilities on behalf of the local community.

South Ayrshire Yougn Scot Team

Getting a replacement Young Scot card in South Ayrshire is super easy!

All you need to do is call the South Ayrshire Young Scot office on 01292 612 788.

Or you can contact the team via

You can also request a replacement card by using the online application form.

Find out more about the discounts avaiable and what you can do with your Young Scot card.

“The young scot card helped me care for my dad as I could use it as prove my identity and age to pick up his prescriptions” SA young person aged 18

Employability and skills

South Ayrshire Council’s Employability and Skills team provide a range of flexible services to support young people’s transitions to the world of work.

What we do

  • Work placements / modern apprenticeships
  • Group work
  • One-to-one support
  • Confidence building
  • Develop your work readiness skills
  • Engage young people through a range of activities
  • Literacy support
  • Vocational tasters

For more information why not check out their Website or Facebook


South Ayrshire Youth Forum (SAYF) is a group of young people from all over South Ayrshire that believe every young person should have a voice in the issues which affect them.

SAYF are responsible for sharing the opinions of young people on a local and national level to ensure the issues that young people in South Ayrshire believe are most important are heard and allow decision makers to take those opinions

SAYF also feed the views of young people from South Ayrshire into the Scottish Youth Parliament so that we have an Impact on National Policy.

To find out more check out:



The NHS offers information advice and support for young carer’s. Check out their website:


Young minds

As a young carer you can find helping someone very rewarding, but you also have the right to be looked after. Find out what young carers do, how to spot if it’s getting too much and what to do about it.


Money Management

Having to control your own finances can be a struggle but having the responsibility as a carer can cause high levels of stress.

There's loads of information about budgeting, bank accounts, benefits and bogus deals online find out more in this area by checking out the Money Advice page on the Ayrshire Leavers Lifeline



Employment and Training

Getting a job is a big step in becoming an adult. There's loads of advice, help and support out there, your first step should be Skills Development Scotland, find out more in this area by checking out the Ayrshire Leavers Lifeline page