Say It Out Loud Results 2020

Children and young people’s views and opinions are essential in all aspects of decision making. Only children and young people themselves can decide what services work well for them and what doesn’t.

 Always speak your opinions and thoughts, because if you don't things can't be improved. 

South Ayrshire young person aged 19 


Youth Voice matters because it is instrumental in driving social change. Ensuring the opinions and thoughts of young people are heard allows them to have a direct impact on their future.

To allow young people to make the changes they feel are needed, the support and confidence from key decision makers is a necessity in the process. It is important that children and young people know how much power and influence they can actually have and that they are updated on the process and outcome; this is why Say It Out LOUD is valuable as it states the views of local young people on Mental Health! South Ayrshire Youth Forum will continue to work with young people, key decision makers and partners to ensure that these

findings are shared widely, through different methods and that actions are planned together and shared with all.


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