Nomination Guidance

Some helpful pointers that will help you make a good nomination.

  • What have/did the young person or group do to contribute?
  • Provide some good examples of the good work that have done
  • What were / are their achievements
  • How has the person changed as a result? Have they increased their confidence, gained new skills?
  • Remember to add in as much information as you can to make your nomination stand out
  • Please note that if you are nominating, age restrictions apply.
    • Christmas Star Category (Ages 8 – 26)
    • Paid and Volunteer Staff Awards (Open to all ages)
    • All other category’s (Ages 14-25)

If the person or group that you are nominating makes it through to the finalist stage, extracts from your nomination may be used for PR purposes and on the finalist programme.

For further information, please contact or call on 01292 559 390.

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