All About South Ayrshire

Our Young People

South Ayrshire is extremely proud of what Our Young People can do and achieve and we want to share the positive stories of Young People living in South Ayrshire.


Re- Discovering Ayrshire


One positive to the COVID 19 pandemic is that a lot more people are re-discovering the amazing sights and scenery that is in and around there local area. Getting outside and exploring your local area has both physical and mental benefits that have helped a lot of people throughout this pandemic.


We are challenging you to visit each of the local landmarks listed below and for each one you visit and take a photo of yourself at you can get 100pts to be redeemed towards young scot rewards;


Dundonald Castle

Turnberry Lighthouse

Burns Cottage

Crossraguel Abbey

Greenan Castle

War Memorial Troon

Wellington Monument


Send photos of yourself at each landmark to to be eligible to redeem your points.


Dont forget you can get discounts on access to a wide range of historic sites in Scotland with your Young Scot Card