Rhys Pearce MSYP for Ettrick, Roxburgh, and Berwickshire

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Rhys Pearce


Ettrick, Roxburgh, and Berwickshire


He/She/They (no preference)

Why did you stand to be an MSYP?

I stood to be an MSYP because I wanted to get involved in something I didn’t know much about, but also because I think democracy in general is a really important ideal and that a lot of people, perhaps disproportionately young people, aren’t making the most of it. It was a really eye opening moment when I realised I wasn’t going to have to face an actual election because there were only two people running for the two available seats, and the youth apathy that indicates is something I promised to change by the next time an election rolls around.

What is your favourite part of being an MSYP?

Definitely the sittings! It’s such an exciting and valuable experience to come together with all the other MSYPs and share our visions for a better Scotland and a better future for young people. Plus, I think the debates are really fun, or even just chatting with other MSYPs in a less formal setting about their perspective on the world.

What are your interests outside of being an MSYP?

For a long time, I’ve been absolutely fascinated with literature, particularly fiction, although recently I’ve been trying to read non-fic too. I also like doing all types of writing, from poetry and short stories to creative non-fiction and reviews. In the last year, I’ve also been teaching myself to play guitar.

One fun fact about yourself?

I love learning languages! Unfortunately I am only fluent in English so far, but I have some knowledge of French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and to a lesser extent Polish and Russian.

What campaigns are you currently working on?

Currently, Cameron Greer MSYP and I are looking at the extent and causes of homelessness in South Scotland (our local area). I’m also quite interested In changing the way that English is taught in schools, but it’s not a campaign I’ve started yet.

How can constituents contact you?

Several ways! I have a twitter (MSYP_RhysPearce) as well as an Instagram (rhys.pearce.msyp), or you can send me a good old-fashioned email at rhys.pearce.msyp@sypmail.org.uk