Max Thomas MSYP for Ettrick, Roxburgh, and Berwickshire

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MSYP Profile for Young Scot Site


Max Thomas


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire



Why did you stand to be an MSYP?

I felt it would be the best way to serve my local community and the young people in said community

What is your favourite part of being an MSYP?

Being able to help young people in my area

What are your interests outside of being an MSYP?

History, Military history, current affairs

One fun fact about yourself?


What campaigns are you currently working on?

Local infrastructure i.e. cycling paths

How can constituents contact you?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, carrier pigeon... I’m contactable!!

Twitter: @MaxThomasScot

Instagram: maxthomasmsyp

Facebook: Max Thomas Msyp