#BordersWellbeing Week 3: Belong


SHANARRI – respected, included

Our identity is shaped by belonging to a community or a particular group. Feeling that we belong - that we are included - is good for our wellbeing. Belonging is also about being respected and having the opportunity to be heard and involved in decisions that affect you. You can take action to address stigma in your community to help others to feel like they belong.

Your local youth club, community centre or youth group may have a number of different things for you to get involved in. This might be activity focused sessions, like cooking or sports, discussion groups or community development projects, each area has its own specialised events going on.

Thinking about today use the emoji flags to mark how you are doing for ‘Belong’.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do something for all of the ‘six ways to be well’ each day. There’s some ideas below that might help you to improve in this area.

If you are struggling with some areas every day or for a number of weeks it’s a good idea to talk to a Trusted Adult. You can discuss with them ideas about what you could do and if they can support you.

Find out more about activities for young people in the Scottish Borders.

There’s also lots of information about things you can get involved with on Young Scot’s website.

Sometimes people feel like they don’t belong or are feeling like they aren’t included. The relationships information on the Young Scot website has more information about specific topics that might help you.

  • 😃 Great - I'm doing well at this
  • 🙂 Okay - I'm working on this but I'd like to do this more regularly or improve
  • 😧 Not Good - I want to do this but I don't know where to start
  • 😐 Awful - I'm struggling with this and need some support

Young Scot Rewards

6 Ways to Be Well Challenge – Week 3

Feeling like we belong is good for our mental health and wellbeing.

Tell us where you feel like you belong, whether it’s a youth club with your friends, a certain meeting point where you meet your friends, a place that you often visit with your family or somewhere that makes you feel safe and included.

Tell us about your favourite spot and you will earn 150 Young Scot Rewards Points – you could send in a photo, write a poem or describe it in three words. Or share via social media using #BordersWellbeing and make sure to tag your friends!

Find out more about the 6 Ways to Be Well.

Find loads more useful wellbeing content on the Borders Wellbeing page.