Berwickshire Marine Reserve

Located between the historic fishing towns of Eyemouth and St Abbs, the Berwickshire Marine Reserve was established by the local community in 1984 to protect the habitats and species found here and to ensure that all users of the Reserve are responsible in their activities.

The Berwickshire Marine Reserve (BMR) is a registered charity and is Scotland’s only voluntary Marine Reserve.


The charity has three main aims in order to make sure the coastal waters are protected and remain so for years to come. They are to:

  • Conserve the biodiversity of the coastal waters 

  • Raise awareness of the marine environment through education and research 

  • Promote responsible recreational use alongside a sustainable fishery to the mutual benefit of all

The coastal waters of Berwickshire are home to a remarkable and truly unique mix of marine life not found elsewhere in the UK.


Grey Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins and Minke Whales can all be seen here, and below the waters magnificent kelp forests are home to vibrant and charismatic marine creatures such as Sea Slugs and territorial fish.


Find out more about Berwickshire Marine Reserve and how you can get involved by visiting their website