Alexandria Pritchard MSYP for Ettrick, Roxburgh, and Berwickshire

Alexandria Pritchard

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Alexandria Pritchard


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire



Why did you stand to be an MSYP?

I want to be an MSYP because I care about our most vulnerable people in rural areas. In my life, I have suffered anti-lgbt bullying and I aim to make sure we deal with that issue as a nation. There have been times that I have struggled because of my ADHD and autism so I want to make sure others get the support they need.  And, as I transition to female publicly, I am suffering from harassment so I want to be given the opportunity, by you, to deal with this issue

What is your favourite part of being an MSYP?


What are your interests outside of being an MSYP?


One fun fact about yourself?


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