Vocab: School | Briathrachas: Sgoil

Here’s a list of 30 words you’ll hear every day in school with their Gaelic translations.

Liosta de 30 facal a chluinneas tu gach là san sgoil.

A list of 30 words relating to school on the left with their Gaelic translations on the right - text version below.

School Words | Faclan Sgoile

Assembly | Tional-Sgoile

Bell | Clag

Book | Leabhar

Class | Clas

Classroom | Seòmar-Clas

Desk | Deasg

Education | Foghlam

Essay | Aiste

Exam | Deuchainn

Head Teacher | Ceann-Sgoile

Homework | Obair-Dachaigh

Jotter | Leabhar-Sgrìobhaidh

Learning | Ionnsachadh

Maths | Matamataig

Physical Education (PE) | Foghlam Corporra (FC)

Pen | Peann

Pencil | Peansail

Pencil Case | Cèis Peansail

Playground | Roinn-Cluiche

Pupil | Sgoilear

Registration | Clas-Clàraidh

Results | Toraidhean

Revision | Ath-Sgrùdadh

Rucksack | Baga-Droma

School | Sgoil

School Uniform | Deise-Sgoile

Science | Saidheans

Subject | Cuspair

Teacher | Tidsear

Textbook | Leabhar-Teacsa

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