Where Can The Money Go? The Villages

Several projects  applied for money in The Villages



The projects in this area are:


1st Lochwinnoch Boy's Brigade - Protect ur Existing Work. - £2000

The 1st Lochwinnoch Boy’s Brigade has operated in the village of lochwinnoch for over 100 years in March of this year the church where we met was closed and the accommodation that we have used is no longer available to us. The costs of different accommodation are far in excess of our current ability and with Covid 19 we are unable to carry out our normal fundraising activities. We have planned to take a let at lochwinnoch primary school but this is no longer possible because of Covid 19. In order to get activities back on the go we are planning for online zoom meeting’s and where possible more outdoor and event based activities all of which came with additional costs we have historically spent in excess of £3,500 per annum in delivering out programs we anticipate that this will increase in the future

Gryffe High School - Find Your Angel. - £1500 

As a school we have worked hard to reduce stigma of asking for help and to call out unkind/bullying behaviour. Data from our recent inspection highlights that although we excel at anti-bullying practices within school, bullying behaviour continues to occur within our local community. We have a strong pupil leadership group who run our ‘Wellbeing Ambassador’ programme. This programme is split between a focus on mental health and anti-bullying. Both groups were excited to develop the project from the initial concept right through to application submission.

Johnstone Burgh 2007's Football Team. - Howwood Park Pavilion - Football Changing Room Fixtures. - £2000

Our group were involved in the recent major improvements at Howwood Park. These improvements included the installation of new play equipment, an outdoor gym, skate ramps, picnic tables and football goals. Prior to installing these, we carried out a community consultation. The result of the consultation told us these were the things people wanted.

Lamont Farm Project. - £2000

There is no other facilities like us in the area, that can give a hands on experience even with the constrictions of Covid-19. Our kids clubs are a massive part of Lamont farm, with the weekends dedicated entirely to them.

Renfrewshire Carers Centre Young Carers - Young Carers Boys Group. - £1886

The Carers (Scotland Act) 2016 came into effect in April 2018.  It entitles young carers to a "Young Carer Statement" (YCS).  A YCS identifies a young carer's individual needs and personal outcomes and forms a plan to help them achieve their goals.  The aim of a YCS is to support young carers to have a life alongside their caring role.