Where Can The Money Go? Renfrew

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The projects in this area are:


Afroscots United FC

Football for All - £2500

Our plan is to bring young people together through football - to help them ease into a healthier and more social life post-lockdown to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We will join the Scottish Community Football League and we will coach young players who will be going on to play organised games and tournaments every Sunday.


Renfrew Rocks

Youth Development In Basketball - £2500

To focus on coaching basketball amongst the local youth players at all ages brackets and making the sport accessible as possible. Giving them a pathway to competitive sport, will promote both physical and mental well-being along with giving a sense of purpose and raising self-esteem.  This can aid their own personal development as they continue in life and being involved in team structures from an early age can give valuable life skills.


Renfrew Town Sea Scouts

Project young leader - £2500

Renfrew Town Sea Scouts offer kayaking and sailing activities.  We do this at minimal cost and supply all members with safety equipment. As part of our development we are training all of our young leaders (18 - 25) in kayaking, dinghy instructing, and safety boating. This will allow us to train future generations of 10-16-year-old scouts and explorers in-house and at minimal cost whilst maintaining our investment in community activities.


Renfrew Victoria Youth Football Club

Holland Trip - £2500

The team wishes to fly the flag for Renfrewshire at the Arnhem Bridge Cup in Holland in May 2022. To get there we have to have the money for travel, accommodation, and kit. It won't be cheap but the club, its coaches, and the parents are doing the best they can to raise as much money as possible. Can you help us take 20 local kids to Holland?



Feel better - £2500

This project is for young people that may need help discussing their feelings and concerns related to things like school, covid, and family issues. Video games and Lego are set up for people who don’t want to talk but want to express their feelings in another way. The youth ambassadors will go through training to help facilitate conversations and this project will also give people a place to go that is a safe and happy place to unwind.


St Mirren Youth Football Association

Celebrating the Tyres Project - £2500

The Club helps deliver & support the physical activity of young people, using football as the vehicle to drive & improve the health & mental wellbeing of over 250 young grassroots players, from across Renfrewshire’s least advantaged, left behind & most deprived areas & beyond. The Club has been a Scottish Registered Charity & Scottish FA Quality Mark Partner Club for over a decade. The Club is getting back to pre-COVID delivery of activities.


Trinity High School Parent Council

Environment Upgrade - £2500

It will transform the educational outcomes for pupils who attend Trinity, it has been sought out by our pupils who want to improve the environment where they learn; promoting care and respect for their surroundings which will extend into the community. It would offer an alternative curriculum and lead to an increase in positive destinations. It will also have a positive impact by promoting positive mental health and increasing self-esteem.