Where Can The Money Go? Paisley North, West and Central

Several projects have applied for money in Paisley North, West and Central

If you live in this area- you SHOULD VOTE for three projects project using the Paisley North, West and Central link 



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The projects in this area are:

Young Enterprise Scotland - Renfrewshire Area - Young Enterprise Scotland - Renfrewshire Area - £2500

The young enterprise company programme Renfrewshire, ran entirely by volunteers is an immersive opportunity for senior phase school pupils to develop skills that will help them in whatever path they follow – such as working with others, marketing, customer service, finance, planning, sales etc – all done and managed in a safe but competitive environment where all volunteers are PVG’d. The programme costs 5000 a year to run. This year we hope to benefit over 100 Renfrewshire pupils from Aug 2019 to March 2020

Paisley FM (2017) Ltd - Paisley FM Radio Academy - £2880

PaisleyFM will provide four periods of teaching each week at our studios within Paisley Grammar School

This will enable 16 pupils to take part in a 14 week course three times a year which are in accordance with the requirements of the SQA National procedures.

The outcome for those attending will be the knowledge required for competent radio production including recording, editing, and mixing, gaining the knowledge of equipment currently used in professional radio studios.

There is potential for further instruction at the Radio Academy through our accusation with West College on Summer Camp courses and opportunities to present on Paisley FM


With the full support of the local community, Lottery and Children In Need Youth Interventions has opened our first HUB for young people in Linwood and they're loving it!

The aim of this application is to fund a HUB for the young people of Paisley where we’ll deliver a three tiered accessible service and evening youth space, helping young people to:

1.Improve their emotional health and wellbeing

  1. Have a safe space to interactive with other teenagers while accessing highly skilled practitioners who can help them feel better
  2. Engage with activities that they might not otherwise have access to (drama/sport/art/music etc.)

7th Paisley J.N.I. Scout Troop - Duke Edinburgh expedition and zodiak camping award scheme - £2804

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme expedition and zodiak challenge programme, will offer a wide range of boys and girls within the Scout group an opportunity to take part in various outdoor trips, expeditions, camps and day exercises as part of their involvement at J.N.I Scouts The provision of the correct modern equipment to allow the young people to participate in the outdoor programme will be crucial in the delivery of the award schemes  Offering an opportunity to take part in organised outdoor experiences by qualified leadership Scouting is continually offering young people the opportunities of taking part in outdoor activities

Paisley YMCA - Friday Night BYTES - £3000

Friday Night BYTES'

The idea for this club was developed by young people and it will be led by young people.

 At 'Friday Night BYTES' you can take part in a wide range of activities e.g. 3d printing, t-shirt and bag printing, VR experiences, coding, watching movies, playing games or you can look at ways that STEAM technology can help address a community issue you care about.  This is your Makerspace and all young people are welcome.  The club will be free to attend, there will be snacks, fresh fruit, soft drinks and of course hot chocolate to keep you cost in the winter months!

The Boys Brigade, Paisley & District Battalion - Battalion Organising & Event Programme - £1000

A the boys brigade all of our events cater for all age groups in the Battalion from primary 1 to 18years. we hold in excess of 23 events throughout the session. These include sports, physical activities, swimming and fun days for our junior members. Over the session we expect attendance from over 900 boys brigade members, which hopefully through family and friends attracts new members. All of these events require input, commitment and support of our leaders to make the events successful. We believe that our annual events programme of activities will prove to be exciting and enjoyable for all participants.

Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament - Smart Bus Travel - £2961.6

Free bus travel loaded onto Young Scot Cards . Allow Young People to travel across Renfrewshire to clubs/groups . Improve Health and Wellbeing buy giving Young People access to even more services . Reduce stigma of Young People not being able to afford bus travel .

Cameron Dance School - Future Dance Ferguslie - £2600

Our project will ensure that there are no barriers to young people taking part in dance and physical activity in Ferguslie.  This includes making sure that the dance classes remain and affordable to all and supporting a group of young women to take a more active role in the running and management of the dance school.

Lapwing Lodge Camp staff - Lapwing Lodge Scout reach activities - £2500

Raft building at lapwing lodge is a popular activity, we would like to expand the range of equipment available to build rafts to suit all age groups and capabilities. The fun and excitement generated in racing in teams after completing the build makes this a popular activity.

Loud N  Proud - Positive Paisley - £3000

To create a song(s) that will inspire the youth of Paisley to be more active and think about the community and the environment they live in. The song will form the basis of a promotional video that will be distributed to all social media platforms.

The participants will experience a professional level production working with experienced musicians and technicians including: Song Writing, Music Composition and Arranging, Recording Music, and generally learning how a studio works, Mixing Music, Writing a Story Board for The Video and Filming The Video.

The aim is to use music to send out a positive message.

Kibble Education and Care Centre - Let’s Sign It - £2800

We communicate our feelings, emotions and opinions every day in life. Imagine how you’d feel if people around you communicate in a different way from you. At Kibble, we encourage inclusion and our project will offer British Sign Language workshops to our young people (aged 12-25). This is a skill that can be used to widen inclusion in the community and it also offers an alternative outlet for young people to express themselves.   Kibble hopes this is just the start of something bigger and eventually we’d like to invite schools and community groups to join us and learn sign language.

I Am Me Scotland - Renfrewshire Against Bullying App - £3000

The Renfrewshire Anti Bullying App will give children and young people who have experienced/witnessed bullying a way to:

  • Report incidents directly to the school, with the option to report anonymously
  • Get support and advice about bullying, mental health and other support for young people from links on the app to RespectMe, SeeMe, Young Scot & ChildLine.

The App will be designed and developed with children and young people to make sure it is suitable and easy to use.

Parents/carers and other witnesses will also be able to report bullying to the school, to help keep children and young people safe.

Pals of the Privies - Halloween & Christmas Events - £3000

Ferguslie park has always been known as an area of deprivation. Over the last 18months the Pals of the Privies have been working to bring our community together, we have transformed our local park  into a fabulous area that our community can use. We introduced a fairy garden, superhero trail and a memorial garden memorialising our loved ones no longer with us. We have provided 5 free family events seeing over 400 attending each. Community donations paid for these events. With your help we can make Halloween and Christmas 2019 our best yet and repay our community for their kindness

Storm Gymnastics - New Floor Area - £3000

Our gymnasts ask for your vote as they strive for the same gymnastics opportunities as children who live in other areas out with Paisley. Sadly Paisley has extremely poor facilities and Storm is desperately trying to give Paisley youngsters equal opportunity to reach their full potential. Our gymnasts have the talent, commitment, passion and dreams just like others who are able to develop using the equipment we desperately need. A chance is all they need, a new floor is the start of their journey and you could make that happen by voting for Storm. Thank You.

Renfrewshire Bowling Association Under 25's - Renfrewshire Bowling Association Under 25's - £2500

The Renfrewshire Bowling Association Under 25's is a thriving organisation open to anyone under the age of 25. We are now one of the top teams in the country. We have been runners-up in the Scottish Championship for the past two years. In the past 4 year's we have won 6 National trophies. We currently have 4 under 25 Internationalists and 3 under 17 Internationalists in our team. Our project is that due to the spiralling costs of coach hire, we are asking for help with our running costs , to allow us to promote the good name of Renfrewshire around the country.

Lifers Youth - Lifers Youth Group - £1550

A space for learning new skills and developing ones already learned. A space to hang out and play pool, board games, read. A place to get some food and meet new friends. A place to meet new friends social circle. A place that's both peaceful and fun.

Renfrewshire Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament - M.A.D Club (Make Another Decision Club) - £655

Monthly meeting of Young people to debate issues close to their heart

Bring findings and issues to their Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament

Learn how decisions are make by the council

Allow young people from across Renfrewshire to come together in Renfrewshire Council chambers and gain inter-generational democracy

Developing skills of debaters/young people to go back into their communities to work with other young people and bring about positive change


Own Yer Bike - Own Yer Bike Start Up Costs - £2980.35

Using recycled bikes, young people will be trained to support other children and young people to build, repair and maintain a bike.  Ensuring young people can enjoy the benefits of cycling in a way that is not only safe, but also builds their confidence as well.

The STAR Project - Shortroods Mural Project - £3000

Do you think there are enough creative workshops for young people in Shortroods during the holidays? STAR Project intend to run a week-long workshop (4 sessions) during the October break for local young people to come together, have fun, learn skills in graffiti art and create a community mural. A mural artist will train you in graffiti art and our men’s group, Chin Up, who are currently creating their own mural in Shortroods, will be there to offer support. No previous experience needed. Food will be provided.

CREATE Paisley - CREATE Cafe Plus - £2934

Cafe Plus

Create Cafe Open Mic nights are a space on a Friday evenings in Blend Cafe for young people to perform,  meet up, take part, build friendships and gain new skills.

The evenings are lead by young people supported by staff and young volunteers.

Young people have asked us to put on more cafe nights and organise more events for them to be involved in and help run. This funding will let us put on more cafe nights and develop the young volunteers within the team by providing training and employability skills.




CREATE Paisley - Wellbeing Ambassadors - £2000

Wellbeing Ambassadors are young volunteers and staff trained to provide help, support and information around wellbeing. Young people taking the lead and helping other young people and reducing the stigma of mental ill health.  We would like to develop a Wellbeing Area at the Cafe Nights where young people can take part in creative activities or pick up information on wellbeing and mental health.

The Ambassadors would also be involved in the Open Mind Festival showcasing their skills and talents to the wider community. This volunteer opportunity would provide the training and support to develop new skills.

Renfrewshire effort to empower minorities - Making healthy choices within the B.A.M.E. community - £2500

This will be done with workshops on healthy eating, encouraging young people to be involved in swimming and sports, There also needs to be information on making healthy choices rather than 'diets'. This has to be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. there will also be information and participation in exercise not just group exercise but activities such as walking to places or climbing stairs. Exercise can be free it doesn't have to cost anything at all. We want to involve young people in this as being part of a team educating each other is a better way to learn than one person telling them what to do.

Paisley West Community Sports Hub - Community Sports Hub Open Day - £3000

This project will support young people to engage with their local Community Sports Hub. Find out more about the clubs in your area and how they benefit your community. You can even become involved in your local club either as a participant or as a volunteer whilst gaining various qualifications in sport that make you more employable in the future and a great role model.

Come along and support your local CSH Open Day and try something new!!!


CREATE Paisley - Young Creator 5 Ways to Wellbeing - £2964

Young Creator: 5 Way to Wellbeing:

A how to guide to better health and wellbeing.

Young Creators: Young people that lead in the development and delivery of events, programmes and resources. The opportunity for young people to get involved, learn new skills.  Create resource for other young people using film, social media, music and art to highlight the importance of self-care and self-kindness. This resource would be launched at Open Mind Festival 2020 promoted within schools to reduce the stigma of mental ill health.

Renfrewshire Youth Voice - RYV Digital Project - £3000

This project will tackle the stigma attached to young people through digital means.

We will film the work that various young people and youth groups or organisations carry out to showcase the positive and amazing achievements and commitments that young people carry out all over Renfrewshire and specifically within Paisley North, West and Central.

This will come together in the form of professional promotional videos that will be publicised and promoted on social media and in a digital showcase event.

Lamont Farm Project - Lamont Farm Project - £3000

Lamont Farm Project will always aim to enhance a young persons experience, whether through school, a project or as a visitor. We believe that every young person should have an opportunity to work with or visit animals if the wish and that we can provide this opportunity, and that we will continue to develop the skills of each young person who visits or volunteers to allow them to reach their full potential.

Renfrewshire Carers Centre - Renfrewshire Carers Centre Young Carers Project - £1693

Young Carers dedicate their childhood to caring for a loved one who has an illness or disability; as a result, they miss opportunities and events with their peers, which leaves them feeling isolated and alone. Young Carers prioritise the health and well being of their family before themselves . This often results in them being   stressed, anxious, losing sleep and struggling to concentrate or attend school.  Respite breaks will give Young Carers the opportunity to have fun, de-stress, make new friends and try new experiences, which will build their confidence. “When you take care of other all the time it gets hard to put your own need first”


Mary Russell Youth Club - Mary Russell Activity Project - £1100

Mary Russell Youth Club would enhance the experience of the young people by

Dance mat competitions

Accessible sports games and activities

Music workshops

Therapeutic Arts & Craft activities



We would like children and young people to learn how to cook. They will learn cooking, budgeting and fun skills in the kitchen. Each child will be given a chance to bring along their family and cook for them a big group meal. They will shop for ingredients on a budget. After the 4 weeks they will be given a pack to take home and keep. This will include ingredients and cooking equipment. They will also get to meet new people and socialise in their local area creating new friendship groups.

CREATE Paisley - Perceptions of Youth Social Documentary - £1950

Perceptions of Youth Film Project

Look at the image of young people in the area and exploring ,  celebrating ,reflecting and challenging the various stereotypes that adults in Paisley have about young people. Working together to promote positive community involvement. Young people would again or develop skill in media production, documentary writing, interviewing techniques and group work skill.