Where Can The Money Go: Paisley East

Several projects applied for money in Paisley East



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The projects in this area are:


CREATE Paisley, Event Team-Amplified. - £2000 

Event Team-Amplified will be a safe space where young people can explore current issues and look at how they can actively be making their voices heard within the community whether that be through visual art, music, performance or even creating their own campaigns. The young people will choose what issues we look at together (covid-19, homelessness, climate change,the Black Lives Matter movement etc) and have the opportunity to talk with other artists and activists in Scotland.

I Am Me Scotland - I Am Me Online Resources. - £2000 

We would love your help to develop a range of interactive, fun and engaging resources which will be available for High School Pupils (we are just finalising a pack for primary pupils).  These resources will:

  • Focus on disabilities, highlighting that most disabilities are not visible (dyslexia, ADHD, Epilepsy, Diabetes etc)
  • Developing a range of mental health resources and a directory of support available for young people
  • Discuss and highlight the impact of bullying
  • Discuss and highlight the consequences of hate crime
  • And most Importantly, encourage positive acceptance of diversity and promote the ethos of #BeKind

Kelburne Hockey Club - Community Hockey Project. - £1500

Kelburne has always been famous for the tagline 'we grow talent' and we are proud of the number of players to have come through the schools programme to represent the club as well as Scotland right up to Alan Forsyth who is in contention to represent team GB at next years Olympics. This project is designed to find the next batch of talented hockey players in Renfrewshire and allow them the opportunities to follow in Alan's footsteps.

Loud n Proud - Future Music. - £2000 

This project provides young people with the opportunity to use professional recording equipment create and record their own songs. Through a series of workshops with input from professional tutors young people will:

  • Learn how to produce, arrange and mix their own songs
  • Learn how to record various instruments and vocals
  • Be taught how to record and create music.
  • Develop skills in lyric writing and music production
  • Learn how to set-up and use recording studio equipment

The aim of the project is to help realise the musical potential of young people by creating environments that best support their musical development.

Own Yer Bike, Tool Replacement. - £1982.28

Own Yer Bike is a registered Charity set up to teach kids how to repair their bikes on a Friday after school for a couple of hours, we quickly realised this was not going to be long enough and now we are open, Monday to Wednesday 8.30am till 3.30pm so kids can drop off their bikes before school and collect after school , and kids can also book appointments for evening repairs if required, or adult volunteers  repair bikes just now as we cant teach kids at the moment due to current covid restrictions.

Outspoken Arts Scotland Limited - Creative Arts Workshop Programme. - £2000 

Outspoken Arts offers and exciting programme of 20 workshops in the visual arts including, printmaking, filmmaking, textiles, painting, jewellery, photography and design.  These workshops will develop creative skills and we hope to help learners develop transferable skills that might lead to employment opportunities in the arts.

PACE Theatre Company - PACE Youth Theatre Bursary Programme. - £2000 

Free bursary places at PACE Youth Theatre for local young people aged 3-21 whose financial circumstances, due to the impact of COVID-19 or otherwise, mean that they are unable to participate. Benefits of youth theatre participation include improved confidence, mental wellbeing, communication skills, creative thinking and enhanced employment prospects.

Pachedu - ZCC Brass band, different pasts, shared future. - £2000 

A unique opportunity to instill a sense of identity, pride and self esteem in young people of African origin residing in Renfrewshire by giving them an opportunity to showcase their culture through electrifying choreographed dances  accompanied by traditional brass music. The project  hopes to foster cultural, community integration and add to the Renfrewshire cultural and entertainment calendar. This opportunity allows young people to build confidence, communication and social skills during this lockdown period. This opportunity will allow young people  to purchase brass instruments for their 5 member band ensemble, fitting costumes , venue hire and tutorial costs. You can see a video of the team in action here


Paisley Barbell Powerlifting Club - Paisley Barbell Community Engagement Programme. - £2000

This project aims to provide a range of opportunities for young people through participation as well as leadership opportunities. It will increase provision as well providing pathways to different sports. Through the leadership opportunities it will provide qualifications as well as opportunities to develop skills for life learning and work. We believe firmly that physical health and mental health are intrinsically linked and this project will allow all to support a healthy body & health mind.

Paisley Sea Cadets - Sailing Expansion. - £2000

Paisley sea cadets have two power, four sailing dinghies and a pulling boat at the tall ship Glenlea at Finnieston in Glasgow.
In 2019, we purchased a gemini sea rider at a cost of £6,000 to provide fast safety cover. We are committed to building a full boating facility at Finnieston.  We also require to purchase a second hand 15 horse power outboard motor for a second hand gemini that we have just acquired = £2,000 for safety cover.

Cadets gain Royal Yachting Association awards that can be used for job opportunities.

Paisley YMCA - Covid Chronicles - Our Stories. - £1500

Share your story - Learn how to turn your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of Lockdown into a captivating digital story that will last forever.  You can create characters and write a story for them, or you can tell your own personal story of what life was like for you!

St Andrews Academy Coaches - St Andrews Academy Coaches. - £2000

Be involved in the next great thing whether at your school in your community or in your home The St Andrews Coaching Academy aim to give young people more sporting opportunities to lead a healthy happy lifestyle.

Sports will be accessible to all using virtual sessions and hands on in schools and community hubs.

The grant will allow the development of life skills of our young coaches who will deliver the activities and will be of great use for them as they progress through their lives.

Vote for St Andrew's Coaches! =)


Who Cares? Scotland - Care 2 Craft. - £1736

Young people growing up in care like I did often struggle with mental ill-health and isolation. This new "Care 2 Create" arts & crafts group is about so much more than just creativity - it will help us to build routine, express ourselves, help anxiety and depression, and let brothers and sisters who live apart to see each other. We don't have arts materials or money to buy them, so this funding would lift this barrier and get us together in a meaningful way (initially over Zoom, then in person after Covid-19). Please help care experienced young people like me feel like we belong, and to heal from trauma, by chatting and connecting whilst learning and having fun.