Where Can The Money Go: Paisley East

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The projects in this area are:


21st Paisley Scout Group:

Adventure camp will be held during Spring 2023 and be driven by young people who will build it to an amazing event featuring lots of activities and making it inclusive for many Scouts and teenagers.

Blue Triangle Housing Association:

We will purchase an outdoor hut that will provide much needed space for a social hub & activities/workshops from budgeting skills to art therapy. This will greatly benefit the mental wellbeing of the young people within our youth homeless unit who typically contend with mental health issues. It ‘ll provide a space for our service users to develop their skills, knowledge & confidence across a range of life skills to help them sustain their tenancy.


This project will give young artists and bands from all over Renfrewshire an opportunity to increase their skills in sound and video. They will get a high-quality industry standard promotional video and recording of their live which can be used to promote themselves and get a better chance to become gigging artists. Increase the number of young people taking part in creative activity in Renfrewshire. Increase opportunities for young people to develop their creative ambition. Stimulate the local economy. Realise the potential contribution creativity can make to education, social inclusion and quality of life.

I Was Gonnae:

Music is a universal language which stirs emotions in everyone. Learning a little about how songs and music are put together from a professional musician gives a unique insight into the industry. The goal is for the participants to produce a song over the 4-week period. This will be professionally put together in a studio by the musician and copies distributed to everyone. Whether you enjoy Pop, Rock, Indie funk or any other types of music is fun.

Kelburne Hockey Club:

The project will allow all young people to experience the sport of hockey. A sport for all. Friendships will be formed which will last a lifetime and this will support you to enjoy the sport.

Lamont Farm Project:

Lamont Farm Project has been a local charity in the Renfrewshire Area for the past 45 years who helps to look after animals of all shapes and sizes. As a charity we rely purely on fundraising and donations and without the support from our local communities there are over 50 rescued animals that would have to be rehomed or put to sleep as many cannot be accommodated elsewhere. There are no other facilities like us within the local area. 

Loud N Proud:

This is a course to teach young bands and artists how to take a good idea for a song and develop it into a great one. The aim is to give young creators the skills to bring out the best in their song ideas and improve their skills as a songwriter.  This is a chance for young artists to work with music industry professionals who have toured the world in bands and have written music for some of the biggest bands in the country and scored music for film and TV.  This is important because being able to write your own material is the only way for young artists to become full time in the music industry.

PACE Theatre Company:

Free bursary places at PACE Youth Theatre for local young people aged 3-21 whose financial circumstances, due to the impact of the cost-of-living crisis or otherwise, mean that they are unable to participate. Benefits of youth theatre participation include improved confidence, mental wellbeing, communication skills, creative thinking and enhanced employment prospects.


This is an opportunity to give a voice and promote equality of opportunities for diverse minority communities in Renfrewshire, by giving young adults with musical talent a chance to benefit from a mentorship programme to help them pursue a career in music. The project will benefit the wider community by bringing communities together, increase inter-cultural dialogue and reduce isolation.

Paisley Pirates Supporters Club:

By utilising what we have in the Arena, we would like to feed into the Paisley Pirates senior team. We would do this through our Junior Development programme working with local youth agencies offering taster on ice sessions and lengthier trials as their skills progressed. To do this we would need provide all relevant safety equipment and appropriate clothing. We would also have to cover insurance and competition application fees.

Paisley Rugby Club (Equipment, Kit, and Individual Recognition Project for PRFC Junior Section):

 Paisley Rugby Club has over 130 junior members from ages 5 - 16. We aim to be able to regularly buy new and quality training items and equipment to provide the safest, best possible rugby training sessions and games for these children. We would also love to be able to provide key rugby items such as gum shields, water bottles, and rugby socks to our junior members as well as a card and small cake as an individual birthday gesture to all children. 

Renfrewshire Carers Centre:

The transition from Young Carers to Adult services can be challenging, overwhelming and daunting. Our aim for our Young Adult Carers is to realise their potential, have the same opportunities as other young adults and have a life outside of their caring role. Help us to support them by providing financial, mental and physical well-being and social interaction to enable them to enjoy the transition.

Who Cares? Scotland:

All children deserve a good childhood. Young people in care tell us they can feel different to their friends, embarrassed and don't always get opportunities to groups outside school. Who Cares? Scotland wants to provide fun groups that Renfrewshire’s' Care Experienced young people can come together with others who understand. They will have fun times and make friends in a safe space where they feel they belong and talk openly about their lives.