Where Can The Money Go: Gleniffer

Several projects applied for money in Gleniffer



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The projects in this area are:


Gleniffer High School - Gleniffer High Sports Leaders. - £2000 

This project will be an invaluable opportunity to the pupils involved and as such a major benefit to our community:

The experiences and qualifications gained will not only benefit the community, but also our primary schools as they welcome new role models to positively impact the lives of the younger generation.

The life skills gained for these individuals are ones which they will use throughout their lives and careers - giving them both skills and qualifications to enter the world of work and, again, give back to the community.

Our community will benefit from newly qualified and responsible citizens full of enthusiasm and a desire to influence others; specifically, being medically trained to provide assistance to those in need of emergency first aid.  The full course impact is one which has a wide and powerful reach across our area and allows Gleniffer pupils to positively impact our community and really make a difference.

PACE Theatre Company - PACE Youth Theatre Bursary Programme. - £2000 

Free bursary places at PACE Youth Theatre for local young people aged 3-21 whose financial circumstances, due to the impact of COVID-19 or otherwise, mean that they are unable to participate. Benefits of youth theatre participation include improved confidence, mental wellbeing, communication skills, creative thinking and enhanced employment prospects.

Paisley Pirates Supporters Club (applying on behalf of Nicola Roy) - Junior Development. - £2000

The Paisley Pirates are an Ice Hockey team based in Braehead Arena. We play in the Scottish National League with most of our players from the local area, who learned how to skate and play in our local ice rinks. It is a fun, fast paced sport played in a modern arena. Off ice at every game there are fun competitions to take part in and you can always pick up a souvenir or a snack from merchandise and tuck  tables. It is a low cost enjoyable family night out.

Paisley Sea Cadets - Paisley Sea Cadets - Sailing Expansion. - £2000 

Paisley sea cadets have two power, four sailing dinghies and a pulling boat at the tall ship Glenlea at Finnieston in Glasgow. 

In 2019, we purchased a Gemini Sea Rider at a cost of £6,000 to provide fast safety cover. We are committed to building a full boating facility at Finnieston.  We also require to purchase a second hand 15 horse power outboard motor for a second hand Gemini that we have just acquired. £2,000 for safety cover.

Cadets gain Royal Yachting Association Awards that can be used for job opportunities.

Renfrewshire Carers Centre - Young carers Project. - £1886 

Renfrewshire Carers Centre, Young Carers Project, wish to provide a "Girls group" to Female and non binary Young Carers between 8-18 years in Renfrewshire. Female young carers can find it difficult to juggle education, caring and being a child. This group will offer a safe and nurturing place where only Female young carers can get a break from caring, be a child first, reduce isolation, reduce the stigma of caring & recognise particular needs of Female carers through fun, engaging group activities. We hope  improve the mental health and well-being of our Female young carers in Renfrewshire. Young Carers give so much time and attention to their loved ones who have an illness, disability, drugs or alcohol misuse or poor mental health. I would like you to recognise and reward their heroic contribution our Young carers make in our community!

Renfrewshire Youth Voice - RYV Youth Relief Fund. - £2000 

We want to help young people who due to COVID 19 are experiencing negative changes in their personal circumstances such as an impact on household income. To tackle this, we want to work with pastoral teachers to identify young people who could benefit from a £50 voucher for food or clothing. Those identified can select which vouchers they would benefit from receiving using a referral process designed by members of Renfrewshire Youth Voice. Referrals will be anonymously reviewed by RYV and young people will be sent their voucher via their pastoral teacher.

RAMH - Renfrewshire Connected Champions Project - £2000

Renfrewshire Connected Champions Project will take place between 21st May 2020 and 27th March 2021. It will raise awareness of social isolation and how to build connections in the community. Because loneliness is so personal, it’s often seen as a private feeling, but we have learned that it is something that can be addressed.

It’s clear that loneliness affects children, young people and families in Scotland. In the past loneliness was sometimes seen as a problem for older people

Within the identified Local Partnerships we will deliver Generations Working Together Workshops with pupils, this allows them to discuss issues affecting them and take part in specialist-run workshops it is extremely important for young people to feel they have a voice and are included and empowered to look at social isolation the perceived stigma around loneliness and promote the concept of a supportive, non-judgemental community.