Update on your NEC in Renfrewshire

With recent restrictions in place we know some of you have missed out on getting your Young Scot National Entitlement Card when in primary 7.  We also know that applying through your local library isn’t an option at the moment.


We are really pleased to let you know you have the option of applying online at getyourNEC.scot!  It provides an easy way to apply for or replace your card online as well as update your photograph. You will need to have your proofs ready to upload so that your details can be verified.

We are also working with schools to offer pupils an easy option to get their hands on a card.  At the moment it's a little tricky as we need to make sure everything is done safely.

You can sign up for Young Scot membership without a card at the moment so you can still take advantage of all of the great things such as Young Scot Rewards here.

If you urgently need a card, replacement, update or have a question, please email youth@renfrewshire.gov.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.