Sign Up and Launch

We're excited about the launch of The Academies!  There's an online launch taking place on April 8th 2021 1-4pm on Microsoft Teams.

You can learn more about all of the chances to make a difference to young people in Renfrewshire, what new skills you can pick, up, what people will be involved supporting you and get a bit more detail and ask some questions.  There's no pressure and you can come by and see if it's for you. Register here to come along.  You don't have to be there for the full meeting if you don't want to, it's ok to pop in and say hi and check it out.


  • Introduction to The Academies
  • Meet Renfrewshire Youth Work Network members who will be involved
  • Meet other young people who are interested
  • Get involved in our interactive leadership workshops
  • Join the Escape Room challenge

Each of the Academies has different ways of signing up and start on different dates so we recommend you take a visit to each of the Academies pages within this campaign and see what each is doing and decide which interests you the most.  There will be sign up or contact emails on each page so you can tell the Academy you are interested.  Once you register your interest, a member of staff will get back to you to say hi and introduce themselves and give you some more information.  All opportunities are free.

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