Renfrewshire Youth Voice

Renfrewshire Youth Voice (RYV) are a group of young people aged 12-25 who wish to make a difference for young people across Renfrewshire. RYV is a youth-led organisation representing the views of young people in Renfrewshire and nationally.  The group is made up of volunteers who live in Renfrewshire.

RYV takes on many roles within the community, as a forum for young people to express their opinions and also as the representative for young people in community groups and local government.

Check out this video to find out more about what the group does.

You can get in touch with Renfrewshire Youth Voice (RYV) by visiting their website, by email or on social media channels: Facebook  Twitter Instagram


RYV are supported by Renfrewshire Council's Youth Services.

Renfrewshire youth voice members

Meet the members of RYV