Renfrewshire Youth Hub

Renfrewshire Youth Voice (RYV) are a group of young people aged 12-25 who wish to make a difference for young people across Renfrewshire. RYV is a youth-led organisation representing the views of young people in Renfrewshire and nationally.  The membership consists of young volunteers who live in Renfrewshire and representatives of other youth groups who are made up of young people or work with young people in Renfrewshire.

RYV takes on many roles within the community, as a forum for young people to express their opinions and also as the representative for young people in community groups and local government.

After holding surveys, out to young people in  Renfrewshire. RYV has realised that there is a need for a Youth Hub in Renfrewshire, the survey that was conducted showed a staggering 207 responses for Yes! This then shows that there is a great need for a youth hub within Renfrewshire.

As seen in the survey the results also showed that most youths wanted things such as

  • Access to health information and advice on services
  • Mental Health support
  • Somewhere to put ideas into action

As well as things such as

  • Pool tables
  • Wifi

The idea for location is a location that is central and easy to get to close to travel links as well as being safe location for Youths to get to.

 ''The youth Hub is such an important project because it's something that young people in Renfrewshire have told us that that they want, and as Renfrewshire Youth Voice we see it as our job to make it happen. During the youth assembly over 400 young people participated and told us that they wanted a place to hang out with their friends, a place to learn and try new things, so that's what we're trying to achieve.''

- Gemma Verlaque, Chair Person of RYV

So far RYV have done a load of research into the Youth Hub and looked at an ideal space but unfortunately with how central the location was, fees and costings were not feesable, however RYV have been researching other Youth Hubs around Scotland and have set out plans to visit them and get a feel for how the place works.

Aims and Objectives come under this

Check out a couple of aims and objectives that have been written up by RYV and see if they go well with what you expect of a Youth Hub

Safe space to hang out and socialise: café, break out areas, use of wifi, pick up point for staff/family members

Life skills; opportunities for volunteering and steps to employability; confidence building, self presentation courses, money, finance, housing

Support the development of a youth advice/dropin: health, sign posting to other services; bereavement, etc

Recently RYV were awarded funding, to which the Young people at RYV had sad and filled out the application all themselves, to which the hard work paid off! This funding is now going to help, RYV be able to go on the research trips to the different Youth Hubs around Scotland. 

If RYV seems like the group for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

If you would like more information please contact John Kennedy, Community Learning Officer on 0141 889 1110 or email