Renfrewshire North Candidate: Omar Taher

Meet Omar

Meet Omar!

Omar's key issues:

  • Equalities
  • Justice
  • Health and wellbeing

Why should someone vote for you?

As a proactive person and someone who is deeply interested and motivated by politics, I am committed to helping all young citizens of Scotland, particularly ethnic minorities and communities such as LGBTQ+, in the socio-economic issues they currently face or could do so in the future. To this effect, I will do my best to amplify their voices and to present their issues in front of the SYP board so that the best possible solution is always in sight. With this in mind, a vote for me will support the battle against some of the injustices that occur in Scotland, where my focus will be to ensure that the Scottish youth feel safe, secure and satisfied.

Omar's full profile on the Scottish Youth Parliament website.