Renfrewshire North Candidate: Ameerah Kiani

Ameerah Photo

Meet Ameerah!

Ameerah's key issues:

  • Equalities
  • Youth work
  • Culture and media

Why should someone vote for you?

People should vote for me as I have the skills needed to tackle the issues I have chosen and I know I will represent the local youths’ voices in a positive way, I am very alert of local problems and have the confidence to help take care of them.  

I am very passionate about diversity and equality and have had experience of highlighting these crucial subjects. I am a good leader with good communication and problem-solving skills. I realize facing these problems will be tough, and I have the ability to step up and take the role as a part of a wider group. I believe I would make an outstanding participant to the MSYP. In addition, I find myself to be quite a mature person and somebody that handles problems both well and quickly, always at a high standard. I work well in a team and by myself and can confirm that I am also a responsible being. No matter how hard the problem is I am bound to persevere through it.

Ameerah's full profile on the Scottish Youth Parliament website.