Renfrewshire Local Partnership Areas

Local Partnerships provide the community with the opportunity to have their say on local issues and make a difference to their local area.  They aim to:

  • Make connections and networks between community groups and the wider community
  • Identify, set and share local community priorities
  • Listen to, consult and represent local communities
  • Distribute grants to support local priorities


Why is Celebrating Renfrewshire built around Local Partnerships?

Each area can have very different needs and so funding can be applied for based on local priorities.  The money for the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund comes from each Local Partnership to support youth activity in their area.  When applying for Celebrating Renfrewshire, young people and groups must make it clear how receiving funding will benefit their area specifically.


The local partnership areas in Renfrewshire can be seen below.  Voters taking part in the process this year will be presented with this screen in order to choose the partnership area in which they would like to vote.  This can be based on whether they live there, or use services there.  They can only choose to vote in one partnership area.

You can find out more about Local Partnerships by visiting Renfrewshire Council's website here.