Paisley Candidate: Alex McCracken

Alex McCracken

Meet Alex!

Alex's key issues are:

  1. Poverty and income inequality
  2. The environment
  3. Health and wellbeing

Why should someone vote for you, Alex?

I think that my reasons for being elected are simple: I'm hardworking, meaning I'll spend a lot of time working on projects and ideas. I'm committed, meaning I won't stop putting in effort throughout my two-year term, attending debates and meeting with local groups to ensure Paisley is well represented in the Youth Parliament. Finally, I'm approachable, and happy to listen to anything you have to say.

I've chosen to focus on some of the most pressing issues affecting our community, namely Environmental Affairs - campaigning to require certain companies to us biodegradable packaging materials. Mental Health - I want to make it mandatory for teachers to have proper mental health training on how to identify mental health problems and provide support for young people, since 20% of teenagers will experience a mental health issue any given year. I also want to campaign to raise the youth minimum wage on a par with the adult living wage and to do more about LGBT and racial bullying in schools. I sincerely hope you'll consider voting for me when you go to the polls. I guarantee that I won't let you down.

See Alex's full candidate profile on the Scottish Youth Parliament website