Culture Academy: Meet the Media Academy Members

Members of the Media Academy, which is part of the overall Culture Academy, want to say hi and introduce themselves!

The Media Academy are all about learning photography, film and editing skills, and eventually creating and showcasing a film.  Members told us some fun facts about themselves.


Hi i'm Alasdair. My favourite colour is mustard yellow.  I can play the guitar and also snowboard.  My favourite animal is a capybara.  I also like computer programming.


Hi I'm Ameerah.  I'm 14.  My favourite colour is yellow.  My star sign is Leo.  I enjoy coding and I have a German Shepherd called Max.


Hi I'm B. I love to travel and visit new places, especially if I'm travelling with my friends! I have a dog who's just turned 4. My favourite season is Autumn, I love the warm colours and the crunchy leaves! In my free time, I love listening to music and going to concerts with my friends - super excited for when gigs can happen safely again after lockdown.


Hi I'm Jade. My favourite colour is pink.  I like to sing and my favourite singer is Emeli Sandé.  I have two pets called Hamish and Hazel.


Hi I'm Mhairi and I'm 18.  My favourite thing to do is spending time with friends.  My hobbies are horse riding and breeding rabbits.  At the moment I am looking after two rescued cats.  I have two cats, two hamsters and 22 rabbits for now!


Hi my name is Mohammed.  I enjoy sitting with my friends and joking around.  I am Muslim.  My favourite place to be is with my family and friends.  In my opinion cookie dough ice cream is the BEST!  I also like doodling and drawing.

Are you interested in joining the Media Academy or getting involved in the other amazing opportunities available from The Academies?  Drop an email to to say hi and we'll give you some more information.