Celebrating Renfrewshire - How to cast Your Vote

We have gathered all of the applications and now its your time to have your say on who gets what.

Be sure you have read through the different areas to see all of the exciting projects out there and what it is they want to use the money for.

Now let's explain how to actually vote.


Step 1 – Choose the Celebrating Renfrewshire vote - you might see other live votes but you are only able to take part in the Renfrewshire one.


Step 2 – Enter your Young Scot Number

Entering your Young Scot card number OR a temporary number you might have received


Step 3 - Select your Local Partnership Area
This should be the area you live. You can only vote in ONE Local Partnership Area.


Step 4 - Choose your projects

You should choose the projects that you would like to see happen in your own community.

You will be instructed to vote for 3 projects, it’s important that use all 3 votes. – trying to vote for more projects, or less than the minimum, will result in your vote being spoilt – it will not count!


Step 5 – Confirm your vote**

Click on the ‘confirm vote’ button


**Note – if you see a red bar during your vote – you have made a mistake in voting. Please go back and correct your vote, if you click submit your vote will be registered as a ‘spoilt ballot’ and not counted.


If you have any questions please contact  Celebrating Renfrewshire team by email here


Here is the link to cast your vote