Youth Voice Gathering 2019

The Youth Voice Gathering was held on the 21st September 2019.

It took several months to plan, with members of the Youth Voice making decisions and putting in creative ideas at Youth Voice meetings and within their own local youth groups and partnership meetings.

The event was designed to bring together young people asking for change with the people who can help make it happen.

What made this event stand out was how young people structured the day.

Every good event needs a theme, and every young person was agreed on avoiding something too formal and business-like. Instead, they wanted colour, positive energy and guests to take part in the spirit of this. A holiday theme was chosen and several guests wore their brightest colours in full support.


Youth Voice Gathering Invitation

Young people welcomed guests at the beginning and young people rounded off the event with some excellent live music too. The time in between was spent with guests visiting the different groups to discuss issues around health, education, transport and more.

Guests were free to visit as many groups as they could, to ask questions and gather views. Where young people were looking for an important issue to be discussed, they made sure people would know to find them through some cleverly designed "boarding passes" that directed guests to meet them.

Youth Voice Boarding Pass

In terms of numbers we had representation for nine local groups or organisations involving young people, with 33 young people supported by 16 staff raising awareness on different local issues. There were 13 services represented by 20 invited guests who came to meet young people, listen to messages and most importantly pledge to help and support young people in a number of different ways in the future. 

We were especially happy to have Young Scot represented and joining in the fun too!

You can visit the Youth Voice Twitter to see more photos from the day at the #YouthVoice Gathering too.

Some more information about the Perth and Kinross Youth Voice project is available on our local Young Scot page.