Perth and Kinross Youth Voice

Perth and Kinross Youth Voice

Do you see things that could be improved for young people?

Are there difficulties in getting a service young people need or use?

Do you have a good idea you think would help other young people?

Do you want bigger organisations to notice something important?

Youth Voice Notes

What is Youth Voice about?

Perth and Kinross Youth Voice is simply Young People using their knowledge and experience to raise important issues and make changes.

It is for young people and led by young people.

It is about improving services. This could be something that affects you based on where you live, such as transport links or access to sport and leisure facilities. It could be based on identity or something that it is difficult for some young people, but not others.

The purpose of the Youth Voice project is to be a link connecting young people with something to say to the people who need to hear it.

The good news is that many organisations, including the council, want to hear what young people have to say and want to make sure the service they provide is the best it can be.

Youth Voice is also a way organisations can ask young people directly for feedback about services in the area. For example: Where and how do young people access information on issues such as health, housing or employment? How can information get to young people quickly and easily to help them?

The people who know the most about what it is like to be a young person in Perth and Kinross are the young people themselves!

Find out more

If you would like to get involved as part of a group, or individually, it's easy to make contact. 

You can find us on Twitter @PKYouthVoice

You can see progress and achievements, including the Youth Voice Gathering.

You can also e-mail for more information.

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