Young Scot in Kinross

We have listened to young people's questions about the Young Scot Card. This article will hopefully answer the most common questions around its uses and how it can be renewed and replaced. 

What is the card? I don't know much about it.

The card is known as the "Young Scot National Entitlement Card" and is used across Scotland. Young people can get a Young Scot branded card, but other people also use National Entitlement Cards,  as it can be used for different purposes depending on age and need to access services. Older people may use their card as a bus pass, while younger people have the benefit of getting the Young Scot logo added which allows access to a range of discounts and rewards. This is often why the term "Young Scot Card" is used when referring to it. 

If you are a young person aged between 11 and 26 you can have a Young Scot card. 

Why get one? What can I use it for?

The card can help you in different ways. It is a "Smartcard" so can provide access to different services, meaning you only need one card instead of several. 

Schools can make use of this for lunches, door passes, library cards and transport, but there are a lot more uses outside of school that make having the card a useful thing to have. 

The PASS hologram is an accepted Proof of Age. With an up-to-date photo (easy to renew if you need to) and date of birth on the card you can prove your age for buying age-restricted items, using public transport or going to see a film, for example. If your proof of age is refused, you can report it here.  

The Young Scot logo is easily recognised and by showing the card in venues that provide a discount, you can get money off products straight away, such as 10% off in Co-Op stores. Just look for a poster or sticker with the logo in store and you know your card will be accepted.

Young Scot are also happy to support young people arrange new discounts for places in their local area. If there is a shop or service you use often, let your local youth worker know and we can look into it further. 


I've never had a card, how can I get one? 

All cards are issued by the local council for the area you stay in. 

You can find details on how to apply, on the Perth and Kinross Council webpage, visit it here

There is an option to apply online, but you may find it easier to complete the form and send your proof of age, address etc to the address given on the website: 

This is the team based at Pullar House in Perth who can update the local database of cardholders in Perthshire. 


I had a card, but I need a new one.

This is common and the good news is a replacement card is free!

If your details haven't changed, you can ask for a new card to be sent out to you using the same details as above. The council will still have your details so can request a new card without any fuss.

I have a card, but my photo was taken a long time ago. It's a bit embarrassing to show it now! 

Not a problem - this is often an issue raised by young people over 16 and pupils leaving school. As before, the council still has a record of your previous card. By sending them a suitable photo along with your details to confirm who you are (a photo of your old card can help speed this up too) they will be able to update your photo and get a new card to you.

I've moved house since my first card was issued, can it still be renewed?

Yes, you just need to contact the Customer Service Team providing your details, proof of your new address and explain that in addition to a new photo, you would like to update your address too. 

I'd like a card, but I don't have all the documents I need to prove address / age / who I am. What can I do?

In a few cases, it can be difficult to provide the correct evidence needed. Fortunately you can ask a suitable person to be a reference to support your application. This could be a trusted, professional person who knows you (not a family member) such as a teacher or social worker who can confirm your application is correct and true. 

Remember: If your card is damaged so your date of birth / photo is not clear, then it can be refused. Getting a replacement is easy, free and helps you continue to access discounts and offers!

Discounts and rewards? Tell me more!

One of the best features around having a Young Scot card is you can get money off in many different places. We would like to increase the number of local discounts in Perthshire, so welcome suggestions (speak to your local youth worker as a starting point) but a full list of discounts and rewards can be found here

Rewards can be accessed through Young Scot Membership, and through the Young Scot website you can take part in activities which allow you to earn Reward Points. These points can then be redeemed to access offers and enter prize draws.

If you are taking part in local activities such as volunteering or doing something to help your local community, local workers can request a code to allow some points to be awarded for things you are doing in your area.