The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Perth and Kinross

What is the Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award is a well recognised and respected award programme, that many young people throughout Perth and Kinross take part in. 

In Perth and Kinross we provide a lot of support for the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award. In this article, you will find a picture that has different activities that will help give you extra ideas you could do to contribute towards your Duke of Edinburgh's Award that will also keep you fit and healthy. 

To get in touch with our Duke Of Edinburgh's Development Officer use this link here! 

If you need some motivation or want to keep up to date with information use this link to get to the main Duke of Edinburgh's Twitter. 

Whether you have questions about starting an award, or are needing further support to help you in the advanced levels, our support workers want to help you.

Visit the Perth and Kinross D of E website


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