Showing We Care

Leading the Way

We are proud to show that Care Experienced Young People have made real and lasting change in Perth and Kinross. Their knowledge and ideas have shaped services to serve current and future generations of young people who are care experienced. 

Working in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council, Who Cares Scotland, Life Changes Trust and Corporate Parents throughout the area, these are some of the changes made in Perth and Kinross to increase opportunities and improve lives.  

Please note that with the disruption to all our lives during 2020, some of these pledges may be affected. Be prepared to be a little more patient, but don't be put off from asking!

Q: What do you think is the main role of the corporate parents?
A: To care, to show up to meetings, to make the effort with us. (F.Y.I group member)

Housing Support

The local fire service have stated that they will give every local care experienced young person a free fire safety check in their first tenancy.

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PKC Community Payback Team aim to paint and decorate at least 6 young people's accommodation per year. Contact Catherine Doig at 

Perth and Kinross Council's Allocations and Homeless Team will invest and target resources and work with partners to prevent young people becoming homeless and will provide suitable accommodation and specialist support where homelessness cannot be prevented. 

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Employment, Education and Skills

Perth and Kinross Council will guarantee an interview for all care experienced young people in Perth and Kinross who apply for a Modern Apprenticeship in the next 12 months (who meet the essential criteria for vacancies) 

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The Corporate Parenting Sub Group will try to make sure that all care experienced young people will have a ’take your child to work’ experience every year.

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Skills Development Scotland guarantees every care experienced young person in secondary school a dedicated Careers Coach to support them through the choices at school and prepare them for opportunities after school by developing their career management skills.

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Skills Development Scotland guarantees every care experienced young person who has left school a dedicated Work Coach to support them to achieve their goals. Our coaches will be there every step of the way.

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Perth and Kinross Council Education and Children’s Service will offer the opportunity to have 1-2-1 support when completing any kind of “official” forms e.g. Welfare Benefits, UCAS, Job Applications, etc.

YMCA Tayside will have an ambassador who will ensure care experienced young people will have a place on every Princes Trust Team and have a voice that shapes YMCA Tayside services to ensure we ae continually providing relevant opportunities for their development. 

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Perth Grammar School, Intervention Officer. Pledge to work hard to offer a wide range of support to help create a change young people want to see. 

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Blairgowrie High School will offer and support all care experienced young people to maximise their talents, potentials and post-school opportunities through the Bright Young Things programme. We will be working with MCR Pathways on this. 

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Q: What is the main thing you would want to change for care experienced young people?
A: Making sure all care experienced young people have a job and a happy home to live in. (F.Y.I group member)

Active living

The Duke of Edinburgh Team now have a worker with a remit for care experienced young people.

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The FYI Group will encourage two opportunities per year for active sessions. 

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Live Active Leisure will provide free or reduced cost access to local leisure venues for care experienced young people through the Compass Membership.

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The Live Active Leisure Wellbeing and Sports Development teams will engage annually with care experienced young people to identify needs and aspirations in relation to being involved in sport and physical activity and to design new approaches to improve access.

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In the Community

Ensure provision of Gaelic Education or support in the community is available to care experienced young people, especially if they have had to re-locate.

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Care experienced young people will volunteer and take part in mentoring in the community, supported by the Communities Team.

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Breathe Aberfeldy The Breathe Project are pledging to: Ensure care experienced young people are provided with free travel to access youth opportunities. Ensure a care experienced young person has a voice and position on a youth committee. Ensure care experienced young people have opportunities to gain accreditation.

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Listening to Issues

Independent Advocacy (Perth and Kinross) provide free Independent Advocacy for care experienced young people, sharing their views and supporting them to meetings about their lives. They also pledge to attend FYI group to engage with young people and work with care experienced young people and the Children's Hearing System to improve hearings for young people and help them to attend their hearings and be included.

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We are aware that young people live in a variety of contexts in Perth and Kinross. If young people need support with any issues they are having with their placements they can get in touch to discuss further.

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Members of Perth and Kinross Council’s Education and Children’s Senior Management Team would be happy to meet with any care experienced young people for a cuppa and a chat if they think that would be helpful.

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Perth and Kinross Council's Through Care After Care Team (Services for Young People) Listen to the voices of care experienced young people and find out what is their experience and expectations of the support they receive from the team.

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RASAC P&K will ensure that every staff member and volunteer receive training and information about care experienced young people. This will ensure that the support provided is mindful of the potential lived experiences that care experienced young survivors may highlight in support.

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Making Changes

Care experienced young people will always be guaranteed representation at all Corporate Parenting Sub Group meetings.

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Care experienced young people will always be guaranteed representation on the Perth and Kinross Youth Voice Group.

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Through Perth and Kinross Council’s Family Based Care Team local care experienced young people will be asked two times per year to be part of ‘Skills to Foster’ training with potential carers. This will take the format of a Q and A session.

As the Administration of Perth and Kinross Council, we pledge our support for all care experienced young people, including those with experience of foster care, kinship care, residential care and secure care, as well as those looked after at home.

Elected Members

Councillor Lewis Simpson: "I am happy to assist in supporting care experienced young people to access various cycling opportunities such as accessing bikes, training and staying safe." 

For more information contact Councillor Lewis Simpson - 

Councillor Willie Wilson: “I am happy to share my knowledge and experience of gardening and can highlight its therapeutic benefits. I can also try and help any care experienced young people access gardening related training opportunities.”

For more information contact Councillor Willie Wilson:

Councillor Tom McEwan: “I am a Director of SCYD situated in the Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie and hope my involvement and support for this brilliant organisation improves the lives of your people in East Perthshire.”

For more information contact: Councillor Tom McEwan -

The Administration of Perth and Kinross Council

  • To do all that we can to provide them with better outcomes, opportunities and experiences. 
  • To raise awareness of the issues they face.
  • To undertake the relevant corporate parenting training and include this learning within our responsibilities as Councillors.
  • To support all care experienced young people and any youth services providing vital services for them within the local authority in general and in our own wards in particular.
  • To promote opportunities for care experienced young people within our communities, services, local businesses, employers and organisations. 

(Murray Lyle, Leader of Perth and Kinross Council; Councillor Dennis Melloy, Provost of Perth and Kinross Council; Councillor Chris Ahern; Councillor Kathleen Baird; Councillor Bob Brawn; Councillor Audrey Coates; Councillor Harry Coates; Councillor John Duff; Councillor Angus Forbes; Councillor David Illingworth; Councillor Ian James; Councillor Anne Jarvis; Councillor Roz McCall; Councillor Crawford Reid; Councillor Caroline Shiers)

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