School Meals - Have your Say

We need your help to help us shape the future food provision in your school! Have your say…

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School meals are required to be health promoting by law. Perth and Kinross Council are regulated in what can be provided within school meals – is eating for good health important to you? Appropriate food is fuel for both the brain and your physical energy. Food and drink in schools has maximum levels of fat, salt and sugar permitted and minimum levels for many nutrients (such as fibre, protein, calcium, iron etc.) including an energy target. All menus and food selections are compiled to meet these obligations. So for example, fried foods can only be made available 3 times per week; oily fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel) has to available at least once each 3 weeks; no confectionery; drinks are strictly controlled; table salt cannot be freely added and sauces are restricted.

New regulations due to be implemented from October will require us to meet revised standards but rest assured, we’re looking to make the offer as attractive to you as we can!

Please be mindful that responses like more pizza, more chips, more chocolate, more bacon rolls will not be helpful as they simply can’t be provided. However, we’d like to hear your ideas as to what healthier eating options you might like!

Complete the survey by clicking this link