Candidates for the SYP By election in Orkney

Four candidates are standing for election - you can vote between 08.00 on 28th November and 14.00 on 2nd December


the candidates are:

Orla Drever

I believe that the lives of young people in Orkney could be widely improved.  I am a hard-working, selfless, and passionate person who cares deeply about the issues that young people face.  If elected, I hope to improve the lives of young people by listening to them and give them the voice that they do not have.  I will work towards improving opportunities for better recreational facilities for those not as interested in sports, better mental health support for young people, and better transport to the more rural areas of Orkney.


Nymeria Drayak

Being an MSYP would mean I could work with decision makers to try to get young people’s opinions put  into action or into consideration. I would like a chance to make a change, and being an MSPY would be the perfect opportunity for me to do so.  I have been involved with the Orkney Youth Forum for nearly 2 years, I feel this has given me many learning experiences that will help me be more suited to this role.  I would like a chance to make a change, and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to do so.


Euan Harcus

As an MSYP I plan to campaign to include more Work experience into secondary education as many employers in this modern economy value this just as much as qualifications. I also plan to work with the Orkney College and the OIC to promote a greater amount and variety of apprenticeships in Orkney as I believe they are the future of education and much more relevant to the youth of today than University. Lastly, I plan to work towards achieving better connectivity in rural areas. This I believe is incredibly important with more and more learning and work going online.


Gerry Hodgson

I feel that now more than ever is a time when young people's everyday lives are more at risk to challenge's associated with poverty and the cost of living crisis meaning it is certainly a time where they need someone to help support them through this tough period. I also believe that exam students need to be closely supported in their education going forward as we enter the leaving stages of The SQA system and the introduction of the new system, making sure the process is not harmful to my constituents education.