Vocab: Office | Briathrachais: Oifis

Learn the Gaelic words for things you can commonly find in offices!

Infographic with common office words and their Gaelic translations.

Office Words | Faclan Oifis

Reception Desk | Ionad Fàilte

Pen | Peann

Paper | Pàipear

Computer | Computair

Keyboard | Clàr-Iuchrach

Mouse | Luch

Chair | Seithir/Cathair

Desk | Deasg/Bòrd

Hole Punch | Tolladair-Pàipear

Stapler | Stapallair

Manager | Manaidsear

Colleague | Co-Obraiche

Rubbish Bin | Biona Sgudail

Recycling Bin | Biona Ath-Churtachaidh

Coat Rack | Cabar Stangach

Water Cooler/Fountain | Fuaran Srùbaidh

Meeting | Coinneamh

Phone | Fòn

Cupboard | Preas

Drawers | Draithairean

Tea & Coffee | Teatha & Cofaidh

Lunch Time | Àm Lòn

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