Nine Youth Voice Groups

Nine Youth Voice Groups in North Lanarkshire

Nine Youth Voice Groups

Throughout the pandemic, the voices of young people continued to be a priority here in North Lanarkshire across many different platforms. As we began recovering from Covid, it was proposed to further enhance youth voice within youth work by creating a refreshed youth voice infrastructure for North Lanarkshire that is fit for purpose, sector-leading and inclusive for all young people in North Lanarkshire.

The new structure for youth voice in North Lanarkshire has nine town-based youth voice groups to coincide with the nine town boards model. The groups are supported and facilitated by CLD youth work staff members from the localities and although each youth voice group is structured similar and will work to a training and action plan-based model, they are representative and lead by individual community priorities.

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If you are interested in joining your local Youth Voice Group please contact the relevant CLD Worker below.


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