How to Get Self Help

You might be able to spot if someone else needs help, but how will you know when you need help yourself? There may be things that lead to you being unable to talk about your problems to other people so how do you get self help when you're not feeling too good?

One thing to try is to talk to someone who is willing to listen to you, and you can trust, such as a friend, teacher or even a Hotline to get yourself feeling better again.

Being able to tell someone about your problems may be a hard thing to do at first, but most people find that it really helps. 

There's lots of great information on the Elament website if you want to find out more - search in the young people's section.

Is your problem serious enough, and should you see a doctor about it?

If you are feeling really down or anxious, you can speak to your doctor about it and they are required to keep those conversations confidential. 

In an emergency, if you or someone else are in danger, you should call 999.