Here's To The Girls, creative writing from a young person in North Lanarkshire



Shannon, a young person from North Lanarkshire has written this piece of work about how all women should be treated the same.



Here's to the girls who wear short things to look good, to the girls who such in their belly to look skinny, to the girls who wear a face of make up to look prettier, to the girls who retake every photo till u get the right one.

To the girls who scribble out their face so no one sees it, to the girls who act different around boys so they will like u, to the girls who do their hair all the time to look fantastic, to the girls who don't wear short things because they're scared of what people will say, to girls who talk about other girls to make themselves look better, to the girls who get names about them cause they done something they didn't mean, to the girls who get around the boys to make them look loved.

Girls who don't post anything cause they're self-conscious, to the girls who don't eat to get skinnier, to the girl who's not as popular as others, to the girls who think they're ugly but they're really not, to the girls who don't go to school cause people talk about her.

To the girls that have been cheated on cause another girl is better than her.

Every girl is the same no matter what, be who u r, and not what other people expect from u. Every girl should be treated the same fat, ugly, skinny, perfect or not.

Goes for the girls to treat each other the same as u treat ur best friend.