Where the funds could be allocated in Three Towns

Several projects have applied for money in Three Towns

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The projects in this area are:

3rd Ardrossan Rainbows | £1000

Theme(s): Voice and Participation

We would use the money to buy skills builder and unit meeting activity cards that are needed to give the girls a voice and decision on what badge work they want to complete and what skills they want to learn. We would love to be able to take the girls on a trip or sleepover at Christmas and use the money to help pay towards girl guiding membership fees which are £35 per child and volunteer adult.

Unity North Ayrshire Carers Centre – Young Carers | £560

Theme(s): Poverty and Equality

We will hold an event for young carers in the Three Towns Locality.  There will be a chance for the young carers to have time out from their caring role, have some fun, mix with other young carers and have a meal.  We are aware that these young people are particularly isolated and often live in poverty and do not have the same opportunities as other young people.

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

We will provide Personal Safety workshops in every secondary school in the Three Towns Locality. Workshops will teach pupils about date rape drugs and bogus taxi drivers; show pupils de-escalation and voice control techniques to prevent attacks; demonstrate how to identify early signs of an imminent attack; and practice self-defence to ensure they can escape should an attack occur. Previous courses have shown a marked increase in pupils’ self-confidence and a decrease in the fear of a violent attack following these workshops. Some evidence also shows that school bullying may also have been reduced.


3rd Ardrossan Brownies | £1000

Theme(s): Voice and Participation

We are a new unit started due to demand.  We have no Girlguiding resources, so the money will be to buy activity cards that are needed to give the girls a voice and to help the girls decide what badge work they want to complete and what skills they want to learn.  We would love to be able to take the girls on a trip or sleepover at Christmas and use the money to help pay towards girl guiding membership fees which are £35 per child and volunteer adult.


Team FR | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Voice and participation, poverty and inequality.

We want to put on a family fun day to allow our friends, family and the wider community to come along and socialise with each other and we will do a display so that people can see what we do at classes and competitions.  This would allow others to see that just because we live in poverty doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy activities.


St Matthews Parent Forum | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

We will use the funds for our school Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The DofE  helps young people gain essential life skills, experience, confidence and resilience to successfully navigate adult life.  Our ambition is to grow our existing group and open the opportunity to many other young people within our school.  Currently we have more young people applying  than we can accommodate.  If successful, we will purchase the necessary equipment to facilitate the programme. This means more young people will be able to participate, benefiting their health and well-being and their community.


CS Dance Academy – Senior Rise Team | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Voice and Participation, Poverty and inequality.

CS Dance Academy, if successful would use this money to buy mats for the teams to use at our training sessions to help us prepare for the competition season ahead.  We would also be able to buy our teams really funky pom poms so that we look the part on the competition floor.


Ardrossan Academy Wellbeing Ambassadors | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

Ardrossan Academy Wellbeing Room - this room would provide a space where pupils can feel comfortable, be provided with useful information in their time of need and a wellbeing notice board with information on who you can go speak to for different problems. Pupils will be able to access this during the school day when things are getting tough and they need a quiet safe place, which will allow them to manage their emotions. Senior Mental Health first aiders will also be available to speak to at interval and lunch for extra support.


Ardrossan Winton Rovers Youth Academy | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

We would use the money to pay for hall lets throughout the winter months to ensure our 8 teams are able to meet and participate in a good environment. We will also use some of the money to buy products which we will use to provide coaching, such as bibs, balls and cones.


Ardrossan Youth Arts Group | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Voice & Participation

Ardrossan Youth Art Group are looking to begin a ‘Street Art’ project that will be open to all young people from across the Three Towns. Participants will have the opportunity to learn a multitude of new skills essential for working within the creative industries and the arts. These include Logistics and Problem Solving, Working to a Brief, Design Skills, Street Art Techniques and many more.  Participants will work on two (very) large pieces of art that will be on permanent public display.


Auchenharvie Cluster Primary Leadership | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty & Inequality, Voice & Participation

Auchenharvie Cluster Primary Leadership Programme involves all P6 classes in the 6 associated primaries i.e. Mayfield, Ardeer, Glencairn, Hayocks, Caledonia & James Reid receiving 6 weeks of training. This would be delivered by an experienced coach alongside NASA pupils who would also act as a mentor for the young leaders.

Once trained, young leaders will provide structured, fun and safe games sessions for P1-3 pupils in the playground and support school events. This will help develop leadership skills through planning and delivery of sport and provide more opportunities for younger pupils to develop an early positive attitude to physical activity.


Auchenharvie Young Ambassador Sports Committee | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty & Inequality, Voice & Participation

Young Ambassadors at Auchenharvie are working closely with their Active Schools Coordinator to provide a wide range of opportunities to be active. We would do this by consulting with pupils, training young leaders, ensuring that all equipment is updated, providing leaders with t-shirts to enhance their sense of belonging and to provide opportunities to attend sporting events to help inspire our pupils to have role models and to aspire to be the best that they can be regardless of personal circumstances.

 We believe that everyone is good at a sport and it’s our job to help them find it.


Barnardo’s Scotland | £732.60

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

We will provide mental health and wellbeing groups for young people (S3-S6) in secondary schools as part of the school day.  6-week sessions exploring what is mental health and wellbeing, how to look after yourself and others as well as where to access support.  This bespoke group will use resources from the Mind Your Health Toolkit and SeeMe.  We will have an information session prior to the group to gather young people views on the content of the group. The groups will be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to trial various coping strategies.


Evolution Skatepark Scotland | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing    Poverty & Inequality    Voice & Participation

Evolution would like to renew their junior hire scooters and safety pads, allowing more junior riders (4yrs – 10yrs) to take part safely in our activities.  We are looking to buy 12 junior scooters and 20 sets of safety pads.

Taking part from an early age is an important factor in staying healthy throughout adulthood. We are keen to encourage our younger riders a chance to become involved in our outdoor space enjoying fresh air and fun.


St Matthews Sports Council | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

The money will be used to create an ownership and identifiability for the young people within the school council so as they are easily identified as young leaders and role models within the schools community- as they not only improve physical wellbeing through their coaching and development of opportunities they will also develop a stronger mental wellbeing through them being more visible/approachable for the young people within  the St Matthew's community.


Stevenston Community Association | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing    Poverty & Inequality    Voice & Participation

The funding will go towards the expensive costs of a day trip to The Ayr Gaiety Christmas Pantomime.  The cost of hiring buses for the day and the money will also contribute towards subsidizing the costs of tickets to the trip for the families, elderly and young who wish to attend.  We are also hoping to include a 2 course Christmas lunch for all who attend and to provide each young person with a small Christmas gift and the chance to meet Santa and his Reindeers– a truly magical Christmas experience for the community.


Three Towns Growers | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Voice & Participation

3TG want to help the planet that we all live on, and one way to do this is to support and nurture Bees. Bees are our friends and without them we would be in a bit of a pickle. They are hardworking pollinators, a big step in making the food we eat and the plants that make the air we breathe. 3TG want to build a beehive and recruit Young Bee Keepers to look after it. They would work with the Bees, get ‘closer to nature’ and the Bees would make the Three Towns a brighter more colorful, sustainable place.