Where the funds could be allocated in North Coast

Nineteen projects have applied for money in North Coast Area

If you live in this area- you CAN VOTE When the vote opens on 11th November, for three projects project using the North Coast and Cumbrae Link. However please ensure that you know how to vote, young people at school or home schooling will vote with teachers in school. 


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The projects in this area are:

WK Print Studio - West Kilbride Community Initiative

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;3. Voice & Participation;

The print studio would like to create an exhibition called ‘West Kilbride - Our Village’ where young people can create pieces of printed artwork showcasing landmarks, gardens, and history of our community. The Risograph printer will also be used to create multiple copies of some of the images to sell at the exhibition with proceeds being donated to the Village Larder and Community gardens.  At the exhibition there will be a special opening and it will run for several days to showcase the work of the young people to the community and visitors to the village.


Amount Requested £950



Cumbrae Parish Church

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

We are starting two new youth groups, one P4-P7 and one for the older age group. We will meet on a Friday evening to give youth somewhere to go to meet, talk and have fun together.

Amount Requested £1000



Millport Town Hall

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;2. Poverty & Inequality;3. Voice & Participation;

We want to make sure young people from all backgrounds can participate in the activities available at the Town Hall, such as children’s music and art groups and indoor sports like table tennis and basketball. We will use the money to pay the room let fees so that our young people can have free access to supervised youth activities for the next year.

Amount Requested £996



Largs Primary School Parent Council

Theme(s)2. Poverty & Inequality;1. Health & Wellbeing;

The Largs Primary School Parent Council want to support all primary 7 children to access their residential trip to Ardentinny, to engage in outdoor learning. We appreciate that the cost of living crisis means that many families can not afford it. The £1000 funding will be used to reduce the costs for families.

Amount Requested £1000



North Coast Youth Forum

Theme(s)4. Climate Challenge;

Working in partnership with Largs Community Council, we have developed a litter project.

The youth forums involvement is to promote the project with signage within and around the school, Tie pin badges and litter picks involving the school.

The youth forum will also be contacting local businesses to help with the promotion and offer School children wearing a pin badge a discount on anything purchased from their shops.

Amount Requested £1000




Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;2. Poverty & Inequality;

We are a group of Primary 7 pupils who would like £1000 to put towards our residential trip to Ardentinny Outdoor Education Centre. For the last two years, we have been unable to organise and participate in such an opportunity because of Covid 19. We are excited to be able to take part this year but are very aware of the increase in cost of living and the pressure this extra cost will put on many of our families.


Amount Requested £1000



Senior Pupil Leaders Council (SPLC) (at Largs Academy)

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

Running a parental engagement event to support parents and pupils who may be currently under a lot of pressure financially will be a priority. They will provide a warm and safe environment to play Sport and to receive a hot meal on site in the school.

Another example is for them to equip their lunch time and after school clubs. They offer fun and enjoyable break out activities for pupils to enjoy recreational activity away from the classroom.

They also hope to offer an Active girls' day to promote many HWB aspects amongst this cohort.

Amount Requested £1000



Largs Sports Academy Student Group

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

A group of 20 pupils who are part of the wider (NASA) run by the local Active schools team. The groups aim is to provide as much sporting opportunity as possible. In between their training days the sports academy pupils put their qualifications into practice by planning and delivering sports clubs, planning and delivering events, promoting a active healthy lifestyle and being leadership role models within their local schools and community. With this funding the group can continue their hard work and look to implement new activities and further the development of the pupils they are working with.

Amount Requested £1000



YES Your Entire Self cic

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

We are tackling mental health through the power of mindful living where acceptance of the natural self is at the core of our activities.  Self knowledge is self empowering and acceptance.  Our link with nature helps us to understand our interconnectedness with nature and Green Health has a role to play in our overall wellbeing.  We would like £1000 to co-create youth mindfulness courses and outdoor activities linking the self with the interconnectedness of our planet.  We currently have CPD course for adults and want to develop wellbeing courses in conjunction with our youth.

Amount Requested £1000



North Ayrshires Climate Change Champions

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;2. Poverty & Inequality;3. Voice & Participation;4. Climate Challenge;

The Climate Change Champions are a group of young people that want to work with young people in schools and communities across the area to create a youth led programme that talks about the Climate Emergency in a fun and interactive way.  We will create Climate Change Resource Packs and an interactive workshop plan that will go into schools and communities that will help young people create small changes that has a big impact in their homes, schools and communities.

Amount Requested £1000



Largs Colts Community Football Club

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

Around 12 months ago we launched the first ever Largs Colts girls section.  We intend to use the funds to take that section to the next level and increase the opportunities for girls to participate through the purchase new equipment, kits, pay, pitch hire and coach education.

Amount Requested £1000



West Kilbride Tennis Club - Junior Section

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

The Junior section of the club has grown over the last 2 years with the establishment of a Junior Convenor. With £1000 we would be able to provide players within the club with appropriate playing equipment, nets to use for practice and games and suitable clothing to use during the season. We are branching into WK primary and would like to be able to have equipment in the school to use to help delivery extracurricular activities and enter teams into Ayrshire League.

Amount Requested £1000



West Kilbride Community Association

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;2. Poverty & Inequality;3. Voice & Participation;

We are supporting the West Kilbride Yuletide Event by seeking funding to provide activities and entertainment which will allow members of the community to participate in fun activities that they may not be able to access or afford.  Activities include Mobile Cinema, Face Painting and Critters.  To make the Mobile Cinema experience more enjoyable, we would like to provide popcorn and a drink for everyone who attends.

To allow small local businesses to have a street stall, we wish to purchase a Market Operators License to allow them to do this at minimum cost to them.

Amount Requested £1000



West Kilbride Table Tennis Club

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

We are a community orientated group with lots of participation from children of primary and secondary age. We would like £800 to purchase a new table tennis table, have child-focused table tennis coaching delivered to the group and to help towards the cost of an all age table tennis tournament.

Amount Requested £800



Millport Curling Club

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;2. Poverty & Inequality;3. Voice & Participation;

We would like to give young people on the island an opportunity to experience the sport of curling by arranging test sessions at a mainland ice rink for 10-12 year-olds.

Amount Requested £748



Megan's Space

Theme(s)1. Health & Wellbeing;

We are a North Ayrshire mental health charity that provides support to children, young people and families. We are hoping for £1000 to host a wellness day in the North Coast locality which will be open to anyone in the community to come along and take part in activities designed to improve their wellbeing. This will hopefully include therapy dogs, a sound bath, havening techniques, mini massage, art therapy workshops and meditation session.

Amount Requested £1000




Theme(s)4. Climate Challenge;1. Health & Wellbeing;

We are community garden encouraging young people and children in Largs community to enjoy growing their own potatoes in bags at home and then harvesting a great crop for a tasty meal.  We are then supplying wildflower seeds to plant after the potato harvest. We are also applying for funding for a moth trap so we can have moth viewing sessions for young people and families.

Amount Requested £600



Team Insprie

Theme(s)3. Voice & Participation;1. Health & Wellbeing;

Team Inspire is a collaborative group made up of graduates from the NA Sports Academy, who would like to provide up and coming graduates, children and young people with the opportunity to be inspired and gain the skills to make a difference. Team Inspire would love the opportunity to develop their leadership skills further by engaging in further learning opportunities which will enable them to support the up and coming cohort of the sports academy. The team would also like to purchase uniforms to further enhance our growth and make a recognisable impact as leaders within our local communities.

Amount Requested £1000



St. Mary's Primary Parent Council

Theme(s)2. Poverty & Inequality;

St. Mary's are planning a series of 'Warm Hub' events which aim to bring the community together regularly on school premises to participate in social activities and have a warm meal. It will be an opportunity for everyone in the community meet and eat in a warm and welcoming environment and further cement the School's goal to support the community.

Amount Requested £1000