Where the funds could be allocated in Irvine

Several projects have applied for money in Irvine

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The projects in this area are:

Dance North Ayrshire (DNA) | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality and Voice and Participation

North Ayrshire Active Schools and KA Leisure would like to continue our successful Community Dance class on a Wednesday evening from 4-5pm for all P1-7’s within the Greenwood Academy & Irvine Royal Academy Cluster primaries. The dance class takes place at Greenwood Academy and is free for all to attend. We currently have over 20 keen young dancers and we would like to employee a KA Leisure dance coach to lead the class. The Club will run every week excluding holidays from Nov 2019 – Sept 2020. The pupils really enjoy the class as it builds their confidence.


Greenwood Academy Duke of Edinburgh Award Group | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

This funding would help to replenish our equipment store allowing participants to undertake outdoor activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the John Muir Award, National Navigation Award, the Saltire Award and field studies.  This funding would ensure all pupils, regardless of their background, can be provided with safe, quality equipment where needed and allow the young people to achieve their full potential in this extra curriculum activity.

Academy Prints (Irvine Royal Academy Pupils) | £800

Theme(s): Poverty and Inequality, Voice & Participation

Academy Prints is a small business which develops the youth workforce as it leads to the enhancement of pupil’s employability skills.  It will provide learners with a variety of experiences that enriches their career management skills and links their learning directly to the world of work.

Furthermore, in the past many pupils taking the subject have advanced on to further education to develop their skills as practicing photographers and budding film makers. By providing ‘Academy Prints’ with quality mounting and ink for printing it allows pupils to be a professional business enterprise group.


Annick Primary School – Parent Council (Outdoor Education) | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing and Poverty

At Annick Primary we aim to ensure all of our pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor educational excursions.  These include visits to Arran Outdoor Centre, skiing trips, pantomimes, visits to historical and cultural sites and participating in many sporting events to name but a few.  We are also committed to enhancing our outdoor space, creating a stimulating environment as we take our learning outdoors.

As well as learning through such experiences we have a great deal of fun and often participate in activities that otherwise we may not have the opportunity to.


Annick Primary School – Rights Respecting School Committee. | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing and Pupil Voice

We have developed a relationship with our local day care centre which supports elderly residents within our community.  Our P7 pupils have visited the centre to participate in activities and hosted events for the residents within our school.  We would like to further develop this work across our generations to involve pupils from  the school in activities including baking, games afternoons, knitting and crafting.   The committee will link with Playlist for Life to create personal playlists for the residents.  Research shows that personal playlists make every day activities easier and happier.


Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association | £1000

Theme(s): Poverty & Inequality / Voice and Participation

We are a committee of 10 volunteers within Towerlands Community Centre.  We engage with residents within the Bourtreehill and Broomlands area to find out what they would like to see on within the centre.  The committee would like to work with young people to organise a Christmas disco and Easter school holiday lunch club.  We would like to bring the community together at Christmas by organising a free family Christmas Disco.  This would be an ideal opportunity for the committee to do a volunteer recruitment drive trying to get young people involved with their community.


Break a Leg Drama | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty and Voice Participation

The money for the project would be used for hiring in a stage for our Pantomime production as we don't have one. And to hire in microphones and to provide hot food at our extra rehearsals for the children to make sure they are having a hot meal. The rest would be for our costume materials, we are also working with another community group to make the costumes. We also give away 200 tickets to groups locally who don't normally get the chance to see a pantomime production.


Digi Group, Bourtreehill Library | £1000

Theme(s): Poverty & Inequality; Participation and Health & Wellbeing

The money would be used for the start-up of the new group and to purchase an Oculus Quest headset.  As the focus is on digital youthwork, a trip to the Science Centre in Glasgow would also inspire the young people towards STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) activities.  Bourtreehill is one of the most deprived areas in North Ayrshire and the start-up of this group and possibility of a trip to Glasgow would be a great opportunity for the young people to leave their communities and visit a new place.


Irvine Royal Sports Leaders | £1000

Theme(s): Poverty, Participation and Health and Wellbeing

We would like money to purchase a variety of sports equipment that can be used solely by the Sports Leaders programme. Currently we share equipment with the school PE department which can cause issues if the equipment we wish to use is being used by another member of staff to teach a lesson. This money will give pupils the opportunity to deliver high quality sport using quality equipment, benefitting the local community by developing primary pupil’s physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing whilst also developing their life skills.


Greenwood Academy Once In A Lifetime Group | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality and, Voice & Participation

If successful, this budget will be used to;

1/ Provide assistance/flexible payment plan for pupils from low SIMD backgrounds to afford participation on the trip of a lifetime experience.  ages (11-17). This trip offers the opportunity to train on the same pitches Villareal first team training complex and also hopefully meet some of the players. Last time we went, we met the whole first team!

2/ Opportunity to go behind the scenes stadium tours of Villareal and Barcelona FC.

3/ Attend a La Liga game


Irvine Royal Pupil Leadership Team | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty, Participation

Pupils, parents and members of the community currently don’t have access to a free First Aid Training Facility.  We would like to train all pupils and give them appropriate emergency first aid skills to allow them to provide treatment in an emergency.  This project would require funding, purely for the equipment to be purchased, and then would be a sustainable project thereafter.  A member of teaching staff is qualified to teach this, and equipment would be reused.


Greenwood Cluster Active Schools | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality and, Voice & Participation.

Active Schools in the Greenwood Cluster would use the money to buy new sporting equipment for Elderbank, Dreghorn, Glebe, Springside, Lawthorn, Stanecastle and Greenwood Academy, this will be used at extra-curricular sporting clubs, also kit for leaders when out delivering in all schools, this will allow them to feel part of a team and for identity. We would also purchase trophies for cluster events such as football and netball leagues. We will buy a portable sound system for our dance leaders to use in the Academy.


Irvine Neighbourhood Youth Forum – Xmas Lunch | £1000

Theme(s): Poverty; Participation and Health and Wellbeing

The youth forum wants to do a Christmas lunch for their main attendees of the breakfast club to provide them with a Christmas meal free of charge to ensure they are not alone during the festive time of year. Not only will they be providing food they will be providing food hampers, warm clothes and Christmas presents. They also want to hire Santa and elf outfits and bring people in to dress up as Mrs Clause and have lunch with the people attending.


Irvine Royal Sports Council | £1000

Theme(s): Poverty, Participation and Health and Wellbeing

We would like money to purchase new Irvine Royal branded sports clothing which would allow all pupils to access physical education and extra-curricular activities. Our school is in an area of high depravation. There are a high number of pupils who can’t participate in PE and we feel one of the reason is due to the fact they do not own their own sports clothing. This money will give pupils the opportunity to participate and engage in sport and physical activity, benefitting their physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing whilst developing their life skills.


Irvine Special Events Forum | £1000

Theme(s): Health and well-being voice and participation and Poverty and Inequality

We plan to hold a Christmas lights switch on event for Irvine, bringing the community together and promoting the town. There will be a programme of activities over a 2-week period culminating in the light switch on that will include pyrotechnics, displays from local groups, late night local shopping and street activities.


North Ayrshire Youth Executive Committee | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

We would use the money to create a video that spreads awareness about drugs and alcohol; however, it will be presented in a different way from the rest.

We intend to acknowledge the fact that drug and alcohol use is a thing, which we believe has not been done before, and if people are going to continue to do it they should do it in a safe way. This video would include harsh truthful statistics that shows the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The video will also include a list of services that can help drug, alcohol users, and non- users.


Greenwood Academy Breakfast Club | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty - targeting SIMD 1-3 to allow equity

As a club we want to offer pupils within Greenwood Academy the opportunity to start their school day with a healthy breakfast and encourage them to participate in sport before the school day. This will help the pupils start the day on a positive and will encourage health and wellbeing and good behaviour throughout the school day.

The group is open to all S1-S3 pupils within the school and seniors have the opportunity to achieve their Saltire Award through volunteering at the sessions


Redburn Cooking Group | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

We would use this funding to make a recipe book of meals people can cook on a budget. We will find the cheapest way to make the meals and identify the cheapest shops to buy the ingredients. The funding will allow us to buy new cooking utensils and the ingredients we need to try recipes. Once we decide on recipes, we will create the book including information about shops and instructions to prepare and cook the meal. The recipe book will then be given out to community members allowing them to prepare and cook healthy balanced meals on a budget.


Springside Primary Parent Council | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality

This project is to provide hard standing, foundations, pathing and tables for the outdoor poly tunnel and science lab which will be used to grow fruit and vegetables benefiting children and adult physical and mental health. This will develop new life skills such as self-confidence, creativity, nutrition, responsibility, health and fitness. This will provide outdoor learning education for pupils, support and encourage sustainable, healthy food access for the local community. Springside families will be more involved in their school community through attending a range of outdoor education opportunities, encouraging critical and problem-solving skills.


Springside Youth Group | £672

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality

We would use the money to go on a trip to the Science Centre in Glasgow. Many of the young people who attend the group are not in a financial position to be able to afford to go to the Science Centre. Some of the members of our group very rarely leave Springside so having a chance to go on a trip to Glasgow would be great for our overall wellbeing. It would be a great opportunity for us to have a fun day out while learning and having time away from our usual routine.

Greenwood Youth Club | £900

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

Greenwood Academy Youth Club are requesting funding to help contribute towards hall lets that will allow us to run activities including team building games, multi sports and possible trips throughout the year.  The money would also be used to purchase sports equipment for the different activities that will take place within the group, Arts and Crafts equipment for activities and help fund the external agencies we look to do partnership work with.


Twilight Basketball | £980

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

Twilight Basketball runs every Friday night at the Portal in Irvine, and keeps young people off the streets, get them active and, through the unique educational time out system, help them make positive lifestyle decisions away from drugs/alcohol.   Every session contains high energy basketball coaching. They don’t need any experience of the sport to come along. If successful, the funding will enable us to buy branded t shirts. We will also buy new basketballs and markers and use some of the money to pay for a coach to take us to a basketball game in Glasgow.