Where the funds could be allocated in Garnock Valley

Several projects have applied for money in Garnock Valley

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The projects in this area are:

Dalry Thistle U 16s | £500

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty and Inequality

Through our affiliation with Dalry Thistle Football Club we have created a player pathway from youth to junior football thereby providing us the opportunity to develop local footballing talent . This in line with the North Ayrshire Council Fair for All strategy, where the cost of participation will be kept to a minimum to promote greater social inclusion. After funding by the start-up of Dalry Thistle U16 Football Club (also defined as Dalry Thistle Development Squad), additional funding is now required to secure the future of the team and minimise monthly subscriptions.


Garnock Campus Sports Council | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

The funding will be spent on ensuring The Garnock Sports Awards runs in 2020. The awards night will reward effort, participation and ability at extracurricular sports clubs that have run throughout the 2019-20 year. All pupils between S1 and S6 who attended sports clubs at Garnock CC will be invited.

The money will go towards paying for the buffet and trophies for the night.


Garnock Valley Youth Forum | £990

Theme(s): Health and wellbeing, Participation, Young people’s voices

If successful, this grant would give young people the opportunity to participate in a weekend of team building and outdoor activities at Arran Outdoor Education Centre. This has been highlighted by young people across the Garnock Valley as being a valuable resource giving social, emotional and physical benefits.


Beith Primary School Pupil Council | £1000

Theme(s): Health & Wellbeing

The Pupil Council are working alongside the Sports Captains to increase the opportunities available in sport within Beith Primary. We currently offer 11 sporting clubs before and after school, all free of charge to school pupils. We are fortunate to have these clubs run by volunteers at present but for them to continue to run we need to refresh our equipment. We would use the £1000 to purchase equipment and contribute towards transport allowing entry in competitions. The funding would ensure that a sporting pathway is continued between Beith Primary and the many local community clubs.


Dalry Drop In | £270

Theme(s): Voice and Participation

Funds would be used to allow young people the opportunity to become actively involved in a large community project in partnership with Bypass Art. The group are looking to create a DVD showing how Dalry has developed over the years and celebrate its rich cultural heritage. The young people would design the art work for the publicity and DVD, this will be used to promote the programme. Through participation in the programme and intergenerational work we will hopefully create a feeling of civic pride and build a healthy relationship with the young people of Dalry and the wider community.


Dalry Sports Initiative | £960

Theme(s): Voice and Participation

If successful, the funds would go towards supporting a graffiti art work proposal for the town centre of Dalry. The proposal is that, with the support of a professional artist, Connected Communities and DCDH, the young people of the town would design and create a modern take on Rabbie Burns through a mural. Dalry has the oldest Burns Club in the country and the creation of this piece of art could give the community a visual memory, a talking point and give the young people of the town ownership of the art work and restore civic pride and community spirit.


Garnock DofE Group | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty and Equality

The main purpose would be to purchase walking boots so that there are as few barriers as possible for those wishing to take part.  Through funding from various other sources, we have been able to purchase waterproof clothes, rucksacks & tents, and now require a complete set of walking boots that we can lend to the young people prior to their expeditions.


Garnock Valley Activity Agreement | £957

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty and Equality

If successful, this grant would give young people the opportunity to participate in an educational trip to Edinburgh to learn more about Scottish culture and the parliamentary process.


Garnock Valley Girls Group | £990

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

If successful, this grant would give young people the opportunity to participate in a weekend of team building and outdoor activities at Arran Outdoor Education Centre. This has been highlighted by young people across the Garnock Valley as being a valuable resource giving social, emotional and physical benefits.


Garnock Valley Pipes and Drums | £1000

Theme(s): Voice and Participation

Pipe bands give young people the opportunity to be part of a community which is known the world over. The money will be used to enable the band to continue giving young people from P5 onwards throughout the Garnock Valley the opportunity to learn the pipes and drums with the assistance of two experienced tutors. Once they have gained enough experience, they join the band which helps to improve self-esteem, give a sense of belonging, improved discipline and pride in being part of a Pipe Band. Currently there are over 100 young people learning the pipes and drums in the Garnock Valley.


Garnock Valley Skatepark Initiative | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

We are a community group striving to improve facilities for young people in the Garnock Valley by raising funds to install a concrete skatepark in Beith. This will benefit young people from 3 – 23 years old. The facility will be free to use. Currently young people have to travel out with the Garnock Valley to visit a concrete skatepark and we strongly feel that the health and wellbeing of the young people in our local community will be greatly improved by the provision of a local, quality skatepark.


Parent Council – Moorpark Primary School | £700

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing, Poverty and Equality

Some children are leaving school  unable to swim. They are venturing into water and putting themselves in danger. Financial hardship for some families has meant that some children have not had this opportunity to learn to swim. The Primary 7 children this year will be venturing on the water for their residential trip in Arran. Some children are anxious about this due to their fear of water.

This proposal is to pay for buses and swimming instructors to allow the children to access the programme. The swimming lessons will be timed to occur prior to the Arran Residential Trip.


Unity North Ayrshire Carers Centre – Young Carers | £610

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

We will hold an event for young carers who live in the Garnock Valley locality. There will be a chance for young carers to have a time out from their caring role, have some exercise and fun and also have a meal.


St Bridget’s Primary School Sports Council | £1000

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

To provide funding for coaches to deliver quality sports sessions to allow pupils to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by taking part in the clubs provided. By providing quality coaching free of charge within the school it removes geographical and financial barriers to sport. The clubs can also provide a pathway into the community clubs to allow pupils to continue their participation in sport. It would also be very helpful to receive funding to provide equipment to allow participation in sport outdoors all year round.


Youth Making Beith Better | £475

Theme(s): Health and Wellbeing

YMBB is the longest running youth group in North Ayrshire and is managed by a small group of volunteers who are responsible for the administration and running of the group. We receive a grant from North Ayrshire Council, but this covers only about 25% of the running costs. We are reliant on other grant applications. If successful it would mean that we could replace old  equipment, giving the young people the opportunity to take part in all the activities on offer. We could also arrange emergency first aid training for the youth workers, ensuring the safety of the members.