Training opportunities

Training opportunities

There a plenty of different programmes that run all year round to best support you when taking those next steps. Here are just a few that are on offer but you can always contact or for more information and support when finding the right programme for you.


Stage 2 :In most cases we would be looking for progression to suitable Stage 3 provision on the pipeline, either with ourselves or with a suitable other training provider, or to suitable Further Education opportunities. Options will be discussed regularly with the participant and chosen based primarily on their individual requirements. However we also encourage learners to look at job outcomes or Modern Apprenticeships where we agree with the participant that this is appropriate.

  • Participants will be invited for interview by telephone/ zoom prior to acceptance to the training.
  • Participants will work towards an agreed training plan based on their individual needs.
  • During the COVID-19 emergency we need to deliver most of our provision using online resources. It is essential, therefore, that participants have access to a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and broadband internet access.  We will endeavour to work with referral agencies to identify possible solutions to this, where prospective participants do not have this access.

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Delivery: Remote delivery through the platform Zoom (Wi-Fi required and smartphone/tablet/laptop required)Duration: 12 weeks (2 days a week for 2.5 hours each day)

Eligibility: Participants must not be in education, employment, on any other training programme or with an accepted College/University place

Our Employability Fund course focuses on supporting individuals to undertake a community project, achieve an accredited qualification and make the move into employment, modern apprenticeship or further education/training.

 The work and skills participants will be learning will be transferable and will not necessarily be sector specific.  The course is aimed at supporting individuals and is person centred to each learner.

 Participants will be supported remotely through a combination of blended learning. Remote delivery will be two days a week with learning being two and a half hours a day over ten weeks. On top of this, participants will be provided with home working tasks to work on after each session.

 Participants will be shown and supported to:


  • Achieve their Level 3 or 4 SQA Personal Development Award
  • Create a CV
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Understand the world of work
  • Learn about personal presentation
  • How best to communicate effectively

There will be a £55 training allowance for 16/17 year old and 18 year olds not in receipt of benefits for their full attendance each week, anyone 18+ in receipt of benefits will continue to receive benefits and benefits will be unaffected. 

People Plus (Learn Direct) – Stage 3 = 11(18+) normally 4 weeks in centre training specific to HOSPITALITY.  

Street League – Stage 3 SQA Employability award, 10 weeks, 12 hrs, online programme, mix of wellbeing and social media.  

Impact Arts – Base is Bank St, Irvine

I do work on another 2 programmes. The programmes are called Make it your own , this is for care experienced young people who are moving into their own tenancy and our Cash Back to the future programme which is for 12-19 year olds who are

  • Living in an area of deprivation
  • At risk of disengaging with school
  • At risk of anti-social behaviour
  • Living with a disability or mental health condition
  • We can also accept 16+ who is not in employment, training and education