Ryan's Apprenticeship Journey in North Ayrshire

Hi there, since the 3rd of August many new apprentices have started their journey in North Ayrshire as new Youth Work apprentices, for me that's been a big change in my life.  Before I was an apprentice, I worked face to face in my local corner shop, so going from face to face and seeing everyone I work with, and then going to online zoom calls has been very difficult in the past month or so. 

Through-out this journey I have learned new skills and worked with new software which has boosted my confidence and boosted my levels of skills.  One of the weirdest things about applying for the job was the interview due to it being based through Microsoft Teams and online, however when I was told I got the job and got started I felt more accustom to the software and feeling of working from home.

In all my experience so far has been very positive and has been a fun but tough start to a possible career. It has been a fun and more positive experience and I can't wait to be doing more Face to Face work.

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