What is North Ayrshire's NAE Danger Campaign?

Hi and welcome to our blog series all about alcohol and drugs information, for young people, by young people!

Welcome to NAE Danger 

We are a group of young people from North Ayrshire called the Executive Youth Council, along with lots of other work we aim to ensure other young people's voices are represented across our council. We listen to young people like us, and action what they want in a youth-friendly way.   

This project was created because young people told us they want more information on drugs and alcohol – not just what the law says on taking drugs recreationally or drinking alcohol, but also how to be safe and make informed decisions.

In this series of 13 blog posts, we'll be talking about drugs and alcohol and the effect they have. There are things that you may not know about! Knowledge is key, and we hope that this information helps you or the people you care about. 

For official information about drugs, alcohol and the law, and how to be safe, visit Choices for Life, a campaign led by Young Scot, in partnership with the Scottish Government and Police Scotland.

Our aim

Our vision for a safer North Ayrshire and Scotland became a discussion when lives in our community were sadly lost by alcohol and drug consumption, far too often. Although substance abuse related deaths are not new to the world, the North Ayrshire Executive Youth Council felt that there was not enough awareness on the topic, especially coming from a young person's point of view themselves!

We hope that the blogs will help make people aware of the effects of alcohol and drugs and how to keep yourself and your friends safe around them.

Let's talk about language 

We might not understand some of the language used among people today to describe certain drugs or alcohol and some of these words will come up throughout the blogs, although we will try to explain them as best as we can. 

Lots of people use Snapchat, Messenger and Instagram to chat to friends and post about what they're up to, but social media generally can also be used to buy and sell drugs. Social media is so accessible and easy to use and emoji’s or lots of the slang words for drugs that are used today can also be popular on social media accounts, sometimes without others realising! 

Weed (marijuana), Eccie’s (ecstasy), Ket (ketamine) and Council (cheap cocaine), are some of the most common drugs known to people As well as these slang words, some people might even use the emoji keyboard to represent different substances. These emojis include: 

  1. ❄ for cocaine 
  2. 🍂 for weed 
  3. 🐴 for ketamine 
  4. 💊 for ecstasy 

These are only a few examples that are used. Throughout the blog series, we'll explain what the terms we're using mean!  

Make sure to give the blogs a read as they're released weekly, you never know what new info you can learn.

Check out our previous project '13 Ways', which is focused on suicide prevention, and which the design of our alcohol and drug project is inspired by.

For more information on drugs and alcohol, visit Young Scot's campaign, Choices for Life.